Law Firm Business Development

It’s inevitable. You have to network to bring in clients at a law firm. Even those of us who aren’t introverted struggle with networking (get more tips here). In this video, law firm partner Laura McClellan presents a fun and effective approach to law firm business development. I think you’ll like it, whether you’re shy or not.

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Law Firm or Capitol Hill? Being A Tax Lawyer in Washington

Tax Attorney Adam Gropper talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Being A Tax Lawyer Tax Attorney Adam Gropper has told us all about overcoming bad law school grades and making partner, and in this video, he shares why lawyers might want to leave law firm life for government work. His answer is not what you might expect. Adam works in tax controversy. He explains the […]


Alternative Jobs For Lawyers – Consider A Career In Wireless Site Acquisition

Michael Jackson, Co-Owner of Cortel LLC, with Marc Luber of JDCOT

Alternative Jobs For Lawyers If you’ve decided that practicing law isn’t for you or you can’t find work practicing law, then you’ll want to consider alternative jobs for lawyers. As you’ll see by spending time here at JDCOT and by reading our eBook, 99 Things You Can Do With A Law Degree, you have lots […]


What Lawyers Can Learn About Handling Constructive Criticism From HR

Human Resources Executive and EEO Officer Kristine Pizzo

Handling Constructive Criticism No other department hears more criticism than HR. In fact, they solicit it, says Kristine Pizzo, a law grad and human resources executive. Watch this video to find out what you can learn about handling constructive criticism from these experts. This video will be free for watching for one week. Join JDCOT […]


How To Break The Ice and Nail The Interview

Regulatory Affairs Counsel PJ Hoffman

Nail The Interview When you go into a job interview, you want to connect with the person on the other side of the table. But how do you do that? In this video, PJ Hoffman tells a story of how he broke the ice at a job interview and got an under-caffeinated interviewer laughing with […]


When You’re Working At A Law Firm & You Have To Correct A Partner

Civil Appellate Lawyer Cindy Tobisman

Working At A Law Firm It happens. You’re a lowly associate working at a law firm, and you realize that a partner isn’t right on a legal issue. You might be celebrating inside, but you’re also scared. How do you broach the topic without pissing off the partner? Cindy Tobisman, who works in appellate law, […]


How Having A Life Outside Work Can Help Lawyers Find A Better Job

Life After Law Author Liz Brown

Find a Better Job Whether you want a write a novel or play roller derby, Liz Brown says make the time for it. In this video on work-life balance, she explains why having activities outside work can be good for your career. It’s good advice whether you’re trying to find a better job, looking for […]


The Easy Way Lawyers Can Make Networking Connections

Immigration Attorney Christina H. Lee

Networking Connections Christina Lee’s networking tips don’t involve schmoozing, elevator pitches, or those things that so many people dread. Plus, her networking connections have helped her in ways she could have never imagined. Watch her video to find out how networking is easier than you thought. Join JD Careers Out There for access to this […]


How To Communicate Effectively With A Law Firm Partner

Attorney Craig Rutenberg

How To Communicate Effectively As a young lawyer at a law firm, you’re going to have questions about how to complete projects. Law firm partners, however, are often busy with their own jobs — and they can be intimidating, too. Craig Rutenberg, a business litigation partner, shares how to communicate effectively at work so that […]


Starting Your Own Law Firm? Get Advice From A Lawyer Who’s Been There

Employment Lawyer Donna Ballman

Starting Your Own Law Firm If you’re thinking about starting your own law firm, you’re going to have a lot of decisions ahead of you. In this video, lawyer Donna Ballman, who runs a solo practice as an employment lawyer, gives some great advice about how to get started, from finding an office to hiring […]


Finding The Right Career Isn’t Easy…But It’s Worth It

eDiscovery Consultant Chad Schwarz

Finding The Right Career Chad Schwarz has a great job as an eDiscovery consultant, but he hasn’t always loved his line of work. Finding the right career for you may take some time, but Chad tells you how to do it. His advice applies to you whether you’re starting your career or making a career […]

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