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Countless lawyers complain about being miserable at work. Through my years of legal recruiting and running JDCOT, I’ve always said that before considering a job change or a career change, you should first look at whether your frustration might stem from a communication issue. If communication is the problem, the issue might be fixable, making it possible to stay in the same job and avoid the bigger project of changing jobs or careers.

Have you considered whether your issues at work might be communication-related? If you’re never getting feedback on your work, then you’re being left in the dark as to whether you’re doing a good job, whether you’re growing and improving, whether you’re liked and respected…and not knowing any of that when you’re working hard under stress is enough to make anyone a little nutty. Check out the video below to see how you can respond to this lack of communication.

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I cover this topic often on JDCOT because it’s an important one. When you’re feeling miserable at work, break down all of the potential issues [click to continue…]

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