How To Fail A Job Interview

by marc on April 23, 2015

A great way to fail a job interview is to neglect to explain why you want the job. This may sound really obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people leave employers wondering, “why is this person here”. When you’re interviewing, you need to make a convincing argument not just that you’re awesome – but that you’re a good fit for the employer’s needs and you want to be working for that employer. You will fail a job interview if you don’t help the employer to connect these dots.

Ted Kennedy’s TV interview above will perfectly demonstrate for you why it’s important to be prepared to articulate your interest in a job. His rambling disaster of an answer in this 1979 video helped to assure that the employer (the American people) could not take him seriously as a (presidential) job candidate. Watch closely – because this is how you’ll look to employers at your interviews if you’re not prepared.

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