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PJ Hoffman spent three months as a bartender in Washington, D.C. on his way to finding a regulatory affairs job. Why? Because in order to advance your career, you need to be where the action is, he says. Another one of our guests, David Sadkin, similarly tended bar after law school to break into his Capitol Hill job. Check out PJ’s job search tips for breaking into a competitive industry in this video.

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How Effective Communication With Law Firm Partners Can Save You Time

Freelance Lawyer Leila Kanani

Effective Communication In law firm life, effective communication and time management are key factors to success. With the advice of Leila Kanani in this video, you find out what questions to ask, how to communicate with a law firm partner and most importantly, how to make the most of your time. This video will be […]


Why You Shouldn’t Burn Your Bridges In A Career Change

Finance Attorney Eric Klar

Career Change Making a career change at any point can be a scary thought, but you could miss out on great experiences if you don’t consider it. My guest Eric Klar left law for investment banking. In this video, Eric explains how maintaining good relationships can help you through a career change now and in […]


Women In Law & Alternative Careers: You Can Have It All

Ethics & Compliance Officer Kimberly Strong

Have It All Today my guest Kimberly Strong contributes to the debate about whether women – or men – can “have it all.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by pressures to choose between work, family, and hobbies, you’ll appreciate Kimberly’s pep talk. You can also check out other videos on work-life balance and women in law […]


Law Careers – What Does A Land Use Attorney Do?

Land use lawyer Ben Reznik with Marc Luber of JD Careers Out There

Land Use Attorney Few other law careers intersect with so many types of law as land use law. A land use attorney deals with real estate, environmental, and administrative law as well as constitutional law, public policy and politics, in figuring out how land should be used. Intrigued? Check out our interview with Ben Reznik, […]


Managing Client Expectations As A Lawyer & Winning Their Trust

Bankruptcy lawyer Scott Gautier

Managing Client Expectations Everyone knows the feeling of being let down — and the last thing you want to do as a lawyer is disappoint a client. As a corporate bankruptcy attorney, Scott Gautier has seen associates struggle with this, and he struggled with it, too. Watch this video to hear about the proper way […]


Finding The Right Career When You’re In Law School

Elder Care Lawyer Victoria Collier

Finding The Right Career Victoria Collier didn’t even know that Elder Care Law existed when she was in law school. Now she’s a nationally known expert in this field. In this video, she shares the highs and lows on her journey to finding the right career. Check it out to hear how to avoid the […]


What Lawyers Need To Know About Setting Work Boundaries & Abiding By Them

Oregon Assistant Attorney General Heather Weigler

Work Boundaries It’s hard to say no to a demanding boss or law firm partner, but there is a way to set work boundaries without just saying no. In this video, my guest Heather Weigler gives advice on how to abide by the boundaries you set for yourself to achieve the work-life balance that you […]


Not Enough Time? How To Manage Your Time Like The Best

Tax Attorney Adam Gropper

Not Enough Time At a law firm, you will may always feel like there’s not enough time to finish your work. Watch this video for some practical time management tips from lawyer Adam Gropper. Adam also suggests you turn to the experts, but check out his advice before you go Googling for time management gurus. […]


Law School Advice: How to Make the Most Of Your Time

Joey Jackson, Criminal Defense Attorney and Legal Commentator

Law School Advice Though it is difficult, stressful and full of never-ending study hours, the experience of law school is one you will never forget. In this video, Joey Jackson shares his law school advice on how to make these three years the best of your life and come out ready for a successful career. […]


True Hollywood Story: From Law School To Writing For TV

TV Writer & Producer Jordana Lewis Jaffe with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Writing For TV Ever clicked through your TV guide only to get sucked into a marathon of the hit series “NCIS: Los Angeles”? Ever dreamed of writing for a show like that? It is no wonder the show has had such great success with a TV writer/producer like Jordana Lewis Jaffe under its belt. From […]

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