How To Close A Sale

You go to law school to learn about legal principles, not sales techniques. So what do you do when you meet with a potential client? David Orleans shares the negotiation strategies he has learned as a law grad working in commercial insurance alternative jobs for lawyers. Check it out below – and see if you can apply his advice for how to close a sale to your job.

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Life As A Law Firm Associate: How To Get Your Questions Answered

Life After Law Author Liz Brown

Law Firm Associate A law firm partner drops an assignment at your desk, and you’re not sure what to do. But the partner is not exactly the approachable type. Welcome to life as a law firm associate. Former BigLaw partner Liz Brown shares a great strategy for how to get your questions answered so that […]


After The Bar Exam: What’s Next If You Don’t Pass

Consumer rights lawyer Larry Smith, managing partner of SmithMarco in Chicago

Bar Exam You put three years of your life into law school and then it all rests on one test: the bar exam. So what happens if you don’t pass? In today’s video, lawyer Larry Smith offers a pep talk for all those who are still worried about their results or who have already received […]


Career Change: Moving From Law To Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications Exec Jen Gould with JDCOT host Marc Luber

Strategic Communications Jen Gould has no regrets about going to law school, but her first job in corporate transactional law wasn’t a good fit. While looking to make a career change, she found a position in strategic communications at the RAND Corporation. This field is a mix of public relations, marketing, and business strategy, Jen […]


Insurance Defense Law Careers – Work On Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice defense attorney Andrew Kaplan with JDCOT host Marc Luber

Types of Lawyers Insurance defense lawyers are the types of lawyers that represent insurance companies, handling issues like disputes over liability and obligations. These types of lawyers serve two masters: the person or entity covered by the insurance policy and then the insurance company itself. A medical malpractice attorney is one of the types of […]


What’s The Value of Pro Bono Work? One Lawyer Shares Why He Does Work For Free

Tax Lawyer Richard Horne

Pro Bono Work Why would a lawyer work for free? Tax attorney Rick Horne says he would work on as many as 10 pro bono matters at one time, offering his services to nonprofits and individuals at no charge. In this video, he explains why firms and lawyers value pro bono work so much, and […]


Can You Get Legal Career Counseling From A Recruiter?

Marc Newman, Redevelopment Director, Brixmor Property Group

Legal Career Counseling I loved giving people informal legal career counseling as an attorney recruiter, but you might not find that in every headhunter. In this video, Marc Newman explains the difference between career counselors and recruiters. He also shares the problem with recruiters if you’re trying to change careers, especially to a unique path […]


How To Prepare NOW To Navigate Ethics In The Workplace

Ethics & Compliance Officer Kimberly Strong

Ethics In The Workplace When you’re reading case studies in a law school ethics class, you never think that you could end up in such a situation. But if you do, how you react could have a huge impact on your career. As an ethics and compliance officer, Kimberly Strong inserts herself into difficult ethical […]


How To Delegate Work AND Make Sure It Gets Done Right

Human Resources Executive and EEO Officer Kristine Pizzo

How To Delegate Does it seem like you always have more work than you can handle? Figuring out how to delegate is an essential skill as you advance your career. But it’s not as simple as handing out assignments to other people. In this video, law grad and human resources executive Kristine Pizzo shares her […]


How Lawyers Can Gain Respect When Starting A New Job

Joey Jackson, Criminal Defense Attorney and Legal Commentator

Starting A New Job There’s no question that law firm life is intimidating. If you’re starting a new job at a law firm, check out Joey Jackson’s video for some encouragement to get you through your doubts. He shares what to do – and what NOT to do – to impress your colleagues and gain […]


Law Firm Life Got You Down? How To Deal With Stress As A Lawyer

Attorney Craig Rutenberg

How To Deal With Stress This piece of advice is short and sweet – but I can’t agree more with Craig Rutenberg, a business litigation lawyer. Both law firm life and litigation careers can be incredibly stressful, so check out Craig’s advice on how to deal with stress. If his solution doesn’t help your stress, […]


From BigLaw To Small: Leaving Your Law Firm Job

Roller Derby Lawyer Amy Dinn

BigLaw Working in BigLaw comes with prestige and money, but as law firm partner Amy Dinn will tell you, it’s not for everybody. If you’re not happy with law firm life, check out Amy’s video on leaving your law firm job. Her advice may save you from the struggles she dealt with over the tough […]

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