Find The Right Career

For the best person to help you find the right career, look in the mirror: It’s you! Michael Jackson, an entrepreneur in wireless site acquisition shares this simple message for you – but it’s also some of the most important career advice you’ll hear. To help you follow his advice, sign up for JDCOT’s FREE self-assessment tool, The Career Mirror. Click here to get it now.

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Interview Advice For Lawyers That’s Easy To Follow

Oregon Assistant Attorney General Heather Weigler

Interview Advice Do you have a job interview coming up? Heather Weigler, an assistant attorney general in Oregon, has some great interview advice for you in this video. Even though her advice on how to act in an interview is simple and straightforward, lots of people struggle with it – so she also provides a […]


How To Get Capitol Hill Jobs Before Law School

Kim Trinh, UNHCR volunteer handling refugee status determination

Jobs Before Law School Before she went on to law school and then the UN Volunteer program, Kim Trinh worked on Capitol Hill for two years. This is a great place for people interested in law school to start their careers. Watch Kim’s video to find out how to break into these jobs before law […]


Leave Law & Break Into Commercial Real Estate Careers

Commercial Real Estate Advisor Josh Gorin with JDCOT Founder Marc Luber

Commercial Real Estate Careers After 6 months of law school, Josh Gorin knew law wasn’t for him. He used his law degree and informational interviews to break into commercial real estate careers. Today, Josh works with law firms, entertainment companies and other businesses to help them evaluate their real estate holdings. He loves the variety […]


Stuck On A Project? How Lawyers Can Get Work Questions Answered

Civil Appellate Lawyer Cindy Tobisman

Work Questions Even after three years of law school, you’re not going to know everything about being a lawyer or applying laws to cases. Cindy Tobisman talks about what you can do when you have work questions that aren’t easily answered. She also shares a great resource for litigators looking for answers to questions on […]


Changing Careers As A Lawyer Isn’t As Scary As You Think

Tax Attorney Adam Gropper

Changing Careers After making partner at a law firm, Adam Gropper decided he wanted to round out his skills by working in government. Changing careers is a big leap, but there’s no reason to be afraid, he says. In this video, he shares how to make a career change easier on yourself, whether you’re moving […]


The Key To Finding The Right Career As A Law Grad

Association Lobbyist PJ Hoffman

Finding The Right Career When PJ Hoffman graduated law school a few years ago, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. In this video, he describes what finding the right career requires. Don’t be surprised if it sounds familiar – he’s essentially describing my 3-step Formula for Career Fulfillment, and he says that JDCOT […]


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Marc Luber

Hey everyone – I made this video for you from the jungle in Panama! Megan has been holding down the fort while I’m doing some budget-adventure travel. I’m wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. Thanks to all of you for a great year – our members, school members, student group users, JDCOT’s visitors, […]


Can You Leave Work At Work As A Lawyer?

Andrew Kaplan, Medical Malpractice Defense Lawyer in New York

Leave Work At Work For many lawyers, work-life balance is an elusive ideal. You’re always going to have something else you can do on your to do list, law firm partner Andy Kaplan says, but it’s also important to leave work at work. Check out this video to hear his advice on managing your workload. […]


Law Firm Life: How To Find The Right Fit For You

Intellectual property lawyer Michael Kelber of Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg in Chicago

Law Firm Life Your law firm’s culture can make a huge difference in your happiness. But what should you look for in law firm life? How do you know when you should switch firms? Michael Kelber shares his experience working at three firms in this video. Check it out to hear his advice on switching […]

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