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Your law firm’s culture can make a huge difference in your happiness. But what should you look for in law firm life? How do you know when you should switch firms? Michael Kelber shares his experience working at three firms in this video. Check it out to hear his advice on switching firms. Wondering what would fit you? My free self-assessment can help. Click here to get it now.

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Too Much Work? What To Do If You’re Going To Miss A Deadline

Freelance Lawyer Leila Kanani

Too Much Work Law firm life is known for its long hours, but sometimes you might just have too much work. What’s a law firm associate to do? Leila Kanani, a freelance lawyer, shares her advice on managing deadlines at a law firm. This short video might save you a lot of time. This video […]


Want To Keep Clients Happy? Check Out This Advice For Lawyers

Attorney Craig Rutenberg

Keep Clients Happy As a business litigation attorney, Craig Rutenberg knows that people generally aren’t happy to hire a lawyer. That’s why lawyers have to work to keep clients happy. Watch the video to find out how Craig does it: This video will be free for watching for one week. Join JDCOT today for access […]


How Legal Knowledge Management Can Help Lawyers With Their Jobs

Legal knowledge manager David Hobbie

Legal Knowledge Management Do you know your law firm’s knowledge manager? Today, David Hobbie shares how legal knowledge management can help you, particularly if you’re a young associate. David used to practice law and chose to leave law to become a knowledge manager. If you’re curious to hear more about this path, watch his career […]


What Is Compliance & Why Is It Such A Popular Alternative Career For Lawyers?

Ethics & Compliance Officer Kimberly Strong talks with JDCOT host Marc Luber

What Is Compliance? Compliance jobs are getting a lot of attention as a hot alternative career for lawyers right now, and pay is rising. But what is compliance? Watch our interview with Kimberly Strong to find out how an ethics & compliance officer helps a company. Kimberly loves being able to use her law degree […]


Build A Career In Construction Law – Find Your Niche

Construction lawyer Matt DeVries speaks with Marc Luber of JD Careers Out There

Construction Law Like in real estate law, construction lawyers work on tangible projects. They help homes, roads, office buildings, and even some special projects get built. Matthew DeVries, for instance, uses the Music City Center, Nashville’s new $585 million convention center, as an example of how he practices construction law in this career path video. […]


A Lawyer’s Guide To How To Take Constructive Criticism

Tiger Woods Foundation President & CEO Greg McLaughlin

How To Take Constructive Criticism Do you get angry when someone gives you negative feedback? Even if the criticism is intended to be “constructive,” it’s not easy to hear. Greg McLaughlin, a law grad who has pursued nonprofit careers, shares how to take constructive criticism in a positive way in this video. This video will […]


What Happens When You Follow Your Dreams?

Steve Rosenblum, Director of Planned Gifts, St. Louis Zoo

Follow Your Dreams It’s a simple idea and yet so difficult to do. Steve Rosenblum, who went into planned giving careers after law school, shares why he tells law grads to “follow your dreams.” His career advice might reassure you as you take the next steps in your career… Join JD Careers Out There for […]


How To Work More Efficiently – Time Management For Lawyers

Roller Derby Lawyer Amy Dinn

How To Work More Efficiently Law firm life is hard and requires many hours. But does a lawyer really have to stay until 10 p.m. to get their work done? Amy Dinn is a law firm partner who values her time out of work — she’s also a pro Roller Derby player. In this video […]


How To Build Your Network & Give Back At The Same Time

Rich Rodriguez of Lend Lease in Chicago

How To Build Your Network Do you dread networking? If you’re not a fan of schmoozing with strangers, Rich Rodriguez has a better suggestion for you. Check out this video on how to build your network to discover one way to make real connections while giving back to your community. He shares tons of examples, […]


Should You Worry About Business Development As A Law Firm Associate?

Civil Appellate Lawyer Cindy Tobisman

Business Development You might think that you don’t have to worry about bringing in clients now, but you’d be mistaken, Cindy Tobisman says. Cindy, who works in appellate law, found out just how important business development is for law firm associates AFTER she made partner. Now, she wants to share her wisdom with you to […]


Tips For Quitting Law & Finding A Career You Love

eDiscovery Consultant Chad Schwarz

Quitting Law When did you first start thinking about quitting law? For Chad Scwartz, now an ediscovery consultant, it was early in law school. In this video, Chad shares how he finally made the decision to leave law and what it takes to make a move. Spoiler alert: he thinks you should use JDCOT! To […]

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