The Key To Being A Lawyer & Making Partner

by Megan on April 21, 2014

Making Partner

In our professional development videos, I ask law firm partners to share their tips for associates on effective workplace communications, business development, and client communication. All of these topics are essential skills to master on your way to making partner.

Today, we put it all together with Adam Gropper, author of Making Partner: The Essential Guide to Negotiating the Law School Path and Beyond. Adam’s story is great because he had to fight his way up to making partner in a BigLaw firm. Check out his advice in this video, then watch the related videos for more from Adam and other JDCOT guests:

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How To Handle A New Assignment Working At A Law Firm

Intellectual property lawyer Michael Kelber of Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg in Chicago

Working At A Law Firm When you’re a young associate working at a law firm, you have to see your partner as a client, says Michael Kelber, who also talks about intellectual property law careers on JDCOT. In this video, he explains how to handle a new assignment and impress that law firm partner. This […]


Appellate Law: The Law Career For Supreme Court Junkies

Civil Appellate Lawyer Cindy Tobisman talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Appellate Law Are the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court rock stars to you? If so, then check out this interview with Cindy Tobisman about appellate law. After all, appellate lawyers are the types of lawyers that get to argue in front of the Supreme Court! As a law firm partner, Cindy has great insights […]


Young Lawyers: How To Earn Respect Even If You Look Like You’re In High School

Immigration Attorney Christina H. Lee

Young Lawyers Most people strive to look young, but for one group of people, youthful appearances are actually a detriment. In law, clients tend to choose age before beauty. Immigration Attorney Christina Lee explains in this video how young lawyers can counter clients’ initial reaction of “Oh my gosh, she’s in high school.” Check it […]


How To Become A Sports Agent – Alternative Careers For Lawyers

Sports agent Brian Samuels with JDCOT host Marc Luber

What Sports Agents Do Sports agents help to manage the careers of their athlete and sports industry clients, advocating for them and protecting them along the way. If you’ve seen the movie Jerry Maguire, then you have some idea of what sports agents do. Their role can range from advising clients, to negotiating on-the-court and […]


Networking Tips For Law Students: How To Find Law Jobs In A Different City

Elder Care Lawyer Victoria Collier

Networking Tips For Law Students Your network is often strongest in the city where you went to law school, but many law students want to work in another city. How do you find law jobs from long distance? Victoria Collier practices elder care law in Atlanta, but she went to school at the University of […]


Career Development for Lawyers – How To Achieve Your Career Goals

Ethics & Compliance Officer Kimberly Strong

Career Development You are hard-working and smart, and you have a nice law school degree (or will have one soon enough). There’s no need to worry about career development. You’re set for life, right? Not quite, says compliance officer Kimberly Strong. You can’t just set your career on autopilot and expect success to follow. Watch […]


What To Do With A Law Degree – Awesome Advice From Twitter


If you’re a law student, this conversation from Twitter offers important advice for how you should approach your career search. Check this out if you’re wondering what to do with a law degree. Like the storify? We’re thinking of doing this more often, so let us know what you think! [View the story "What To […]


Tips For Working At A Law Firm: How To Handle Deadlines Smoothly

Legal Knowledge Manager David Hobbie

Working at a Law Firm You are going to run into a lot of tight deadlines when you are working at a law firm. It’s just part of law firm life. But remember this tip: Not all deadlines are alike. David Hobbie, who helps associates and partners keep track of information as a legal knowledge […]


Why You Should Always Take A Job Interview

eDiscovery Consultant Chad Schwarz

Tips for a Job Interview Even if you are targeting your job search to certain law careers or alternative careers for lawyers, you may land a job interview for a position that is not your first choice. In this career advice video, Chad Schwarz explains why he always takes these job interviews. He also offers […]


With So Many Types of Lawyers, What Do You Want To Do After Law School?

Finance Attorney Eric Klar

Types Of Lawyers You’re in law school, so you’re going to be a lawyer, right? But what kind of lawyer? There are many different types of lawyers (just check out that link to see the law careers you could pursue). Finance Attorney Eric Klar talks about why you need to choose a practice area in […]

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