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Wondering what other jobs you can do with a law degree? Watch our JD Refugee™ videos to discover alternative careers for lawyers and JD advantage jobs – whether you’re exploring options to apply your law school skills or leaving law because you don’t want to be a lawyer anymore.

Leave Law & Break Into Commercial Real Estate Careers

Commercial Real Estate Advisor Josh Gorin with JDCOT Founder Marc Luber

Commercial Real Estate Careers After 6 months of law school, Josh Gorin knew law wasn’t for him. He used his law degree and informational interviews to break into commercial real estate careers. Today, Josh works with law firms, entertainment companies and other businesses to help them evaluate their real estate holdings. He loves the variety […]


True Hollywood Story: From Law School To Writing For TV

TV Writer & Producer Jordana Lewis Jaffe with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Writing For TV Ever clicked through your TV guide only to get sucked into a marathon of the hit series “NCIS: Los Angeles”? Ever dreamed of writing for a show like that? It is no wonder the show has had such great success with a TV writer/producer like Jordana Lewis Jaffe. From graduating law school […]


How To Get Political Campaign Jobs Before Or After Law School

Association Lobbyist PJ Hoffman talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Political Campaign Jobs Today’s guest, PJ Hoffman, worked in several political campaign jobs prior to graduating law school and becoming an association lobbyist (he recently shared awesome advice with us on these regulatory affairs jobs). Below, PJ shares his tips on doing campaign work. If you’re interested in politics, check out both of PJ’s videos. […]


Regulatory Affairs Jobs For Lawyers Who Want To Be Lobbyists

Association Lobbyist PJ Hoffman talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Regulatory Affairs Jobs If you’re looking for DC legal jobs, be sure to look into trade associations. As a post-recession law school graduate, PJ Hoffman expanded his idea of law careers and found the perfect job for him as a lobbyist for a credit union trade association. Regulatory Affairs Jobs — which include lobbyist jobs […]


Leaving Law, But Not Far Behind: Careers in Legal Support Services

Litigation Graphics Entrepreneur Morgan Smith

Legal Support Services After years of practicing personal injury law, Morgan C. Smith launched Cogent Legal, a legal support services business that creates trial graphics. It was a great way for him to use his legal skills while leaving law. In this interview, Morgan talks about careers in trial graphics, and he also shares helpful […]


I Went To Law School But I Really Want To Be A Writer

Author Peter Orner talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber

Becoming A Writer If you sit in class or your office thinking up stories rather than listening or working, you’ll want to watch this interview with critically-acclaimed author Peter Orner. Peter has written 4 books and for publications such as The New York Times and The Atlantic. In this interview, he’ll show you how to […]


What Is Compliance & Why Is It Such A Popular Alternative Career For Lawyers?

Ethics & Compliance Officer Kimberly Strong talks with JDCOT host Marc Luber

What Is Compliance? Compliance jobs are getting a lot of attention as a hot alternative career for lawyers right now, and pay is rising. But what is compliance? Watch our interview with Kimberly Strong to find out how an ethics & compliance officer helps a company. Kimberly loves being able to use her law degree […]


Do You Thrive In A Crisis? PR Jobs To Do With A Law Degree

PR Executive Nick Gaffney with JDCOT Founder Marc Luber

Public Relations Jobs When spinach causes food poisoning, who is a company going to call? It will call on its legal team and public relations professionals that specialize in litigation and crisis communications. These careers in communications make excellent alternative careers for lawyers, says Nick Gaffney, a former lawyer and partner at a public relations […]


Like To Write? How To Break In To Legal Journalism As A Lawyer

Legal Journalist Jill Schachner Chanen with JDCOT Founder Marc Luber

Careers in Journalism When Jill Schachner Chanen considered leaving the law, she thought about what she liked about her job: writing. Like many lawyers before her, she took her legal knowledge and skills into the journalism world, and in this video, she shares how you, too, can find legal journalism jobs. Jill, the assistant managing […]


Finding Your Career: Five Steps For Leaving Law Behind

Casey Berman with JDCOT host Marc Luber

Career Change Whether you’ve been practicing law for one year or decades, it’s difficult to make a career change. Still, many JD Careers Out There guests have pursued alternative careers for lawyers. But how do you know where to start? Casey Berman, founder of Leave Law Behind, has put together the process in five steps. […]

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