Trial Tips: How To Convince A Jury

by marc on October 3, 2013

Trial Tips

If you’ve seen Gideon’s Army, you know that Travis Williams, one of the public defenders featured in the film, has a presence on camera and in the courtroom. In today’s professional development video, he shares his trial tips with you about convincing a jury of your perspective. Even if you’re not a natural performer like Travis, he has some great advice on how to take steps to improve.

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Today’s Guest

Public Defender Travis WilliamsPublic Defender Travis Williams
Title: Senior Assistant Public Defender, Hall County, Georgia
City: Gainesville, GA
Law School: University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, GA
College: Florida A&M in Tallahassee, FL
Other: Travis is featured in the award-winning documentary Gideon’s Army, airing on HBO throughout July 2013.


Does speaking in front of a jury during a trial excite or scare you? Be sure to share your feedback in the Comments section below.

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