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I wrote this eBook to uncover a wide variety of paths we can take with our JDs. Law practice & law school don't necessarily reveal our options. Here you'll get details about each path to inspire you, get you thinking outside the box and help you move a giant step closer to a fulfilling career.

Marc Luber
Author & Founder of JD Careers Out There

What People Are Saying:

  • Patrick

    California Attorney

    “So glad I bought the JDCOT eBook. It helped me discover the wide variety of opportunities out there for those of us with law degrees. I found the book while researching what else I could do if I left the practice of law. It changed my outlook and gave me hope! I’ve since become a JDCOT member. Keep up the good work!”

  • David K. Compton


    "After speaking with Marc, I am confident that his materials and sound advice would be beneficial for anyone with a law degree looking to further their career. Marc really took the time to listen to my particular employment situation as well as my individual interests and he was able to provide me with some great employment options."

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

In This eBook You’ll Discover:

  1. A wide variety of law practice areas including niches you likely never heard of in school.
  2. What lawyers really do in the different legal practice areas. In the classroom, we tend to read case law and discuss theory - but we rarely learn what people actually do in the different practice areas. We explore that here so you're no longer left in the dark.
  3. What alternative careers are out there for people with JDs. Whether you can't find a law job, have no interest in ever practicing, or can't wait to run away from it, we'll explore many of the exciting paths that makes a great fit for your JD skill set.
  4. Why a JD makes a good fit for so many alternative paths. Descriptions of the actions taken & skills used in each path will give you confidence that it makes sense for a JD to fill these jobs.
  5. Ways to start putting our free self-assessment, the Career Mirror, to use. You'll get to take what you learn about yourself for the experience and size it up with the 99 careers so you can find a career that fits you.

About The Author

Marc Luber is a graduate of the University of Michigan (B.A., English), the Chicago-Kent College of Law, and is a member of the Illinois Bar. He’s been working in the law career consulting space since 2003.

After a first career in the music industry working for the Rolling Stones, A&M Records, Rondor Music Publishing and LicenseMusic.com, Marc made a career change to become a legal recruiter.

Marc founded video site JD Careers Out There at the beginning of 2013 to help law students and grads figure out what to do with a law degree and have fulfilling careers. Just one year later, JDCOT was voted Best Career Site by the ABA Journal Readers Poll. Marc lives in Los Angeles.

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