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JD Careers Out There: Finding Jobs With A Law Degree

Welcome to JD Careers Out There!

Our mission here at JDCOT /jay-dee-see-oh-tee/ is to help you find career fulfillment using your law degree.

Whether you want to explore jobs with a law degree that are actually in law or you want to leave the law because you’re unsatisfied and sick of the stress, you’ve come to the right place. This site is proof that you’re not alone if you want to use your law degree in alternative ways. Either route is equally valid. You’ll find plenty of happy, successful JDs here working in a wide variety of careers.

Watch this video and read below to find out how we can help you:

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JD Careers Out There is a membership site for lawyers (and law students) who want to love their career. Through video interviews, you’ll find out what you can do with a law degree as we explore a wide variety of careers that fit your skill set. You’ll get advice from the videos on how to break in to each career path. You’ll also get professional development tips to help you reach your career goals.

Marc Luber I’m Marc Luber, the founder of JDCOT and a JD Refugee®. After law school, I followed my passion into the music business and used my JD without practicing law. Then, I made a career change and became an attorney recruiter. Talking to unhappy lawyers every day as a recruiter inspired me to create JD Careers Out There, with the mission of helping lawyers find career satisfaction. Click here to read my story.

My philosophy:
Life is too short be stuck in a career that doesn’t fit you.


How We Help You:

1. We help you find a career you love

On JDCOT, you walk through my 3-step Formula for Career Fulfillment. To find out more about the 3 steps, visit the start here pages. You’ll see guides for finding law degree jobs no matter where you are are in your career.

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As a member of JDCOT’s video library, you can explore a wide variety of careers for lawyers – in law and alternative legal careers – via our Career Path Videos. In these interview videos, I ask law grads who have found success in and out of law to share what their careers are like and how to break in. We cover questions like:

LeeChristina interview

  • What’s a typical day?
  • Who makes a good fit for this career?
  • Where can I meet people to help me get a job in this career?
  • What can I do now to set myself up for success?

Here are a few examples of the career paths we cover:

Alternative Legal Careers Law Careers
Sports Agent Employment Law
Non-profit President Personal Injury
Real Estate Developer Criminal Defense
Investment Advisor Assistant Attorney General
Compliance Executive

Start exploring what to do with a law degree here.

2. We help you reach your career goals

Career satisfaction requires more than just choosing the right path. You need to break in to that path and to perform once you’re there. So in addition to exploring career paths, our video library features Professional Development Videos.

Our video guests – all accomplished law grads – help you navigate critical day-to-day career issues by sharing practical advice that only years of experience – or an incredibly generous boss – can bring.

We cover topics like: Kanani_sm

  • how to nail a job interview
  • how to network for jobs and career advancement
  • how to communicate at work
  • how to handle a new assignment
  • how to stand out when you didn’t go to a top ranked law school
  • how to develop your own clients
  • how to make partner at your law firm
  • and more!

Want to hear more about how JDCOT can help you find jobs with a law degree?

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Common Questions

For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Who are JDCOT guests?

JDCOT guests are accomplished law grads. They are law firm partners or in management positions in alternative legal careers. They own and run businesses or make a difference in government or non-profit careers. Many bill hundreds of dollars an hour, and they are all extremely busy people. But they are also generous and want to help the next generation of lawyers find their paths.

Just think – when you join JDCOT, you can hear the advice of tons of successful law grads while sitting in your sweats for less than a latte a day!

What else can I do to find success?

To supplement the career research that you do on JDCOT, you can sign up for career coaching with Marc.marc phone

  • General Career Coaching – Talk through your ideas and questions with me.
  • Myers-Briggs MBTI® Personality Type Assessment – Finding out what makes you tick can help you find the right career.
  • Interview Prep – I can help you sell yourself to employers whether you’re just starting your career or leaving law.
  • Meet with Real People – You can’t just watch videos in your sweats and expect your whole career to come together. You’ll want to meet with real people to learn about their paths while building your network. I can help you navigate that.
  • Career Services Office – If you’re still in school, take advantage of your Career Services Office. There should be a whole team there waiting to help you.

I look forward to helping you!