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JD Careers Out There: Finding Jobs With A Law Degree

Welcome to JD Careers Out There!

My mission here at JDCOT /jay-dee-see-oh-tee/ is to help you find career fulfillment using your law degree.

Whether you want to explore jobs with a law degree that are actually in law or you want to leave the law for alternative careers because you’re unfulfilled and tired of the stress, you’ve come to the right place. I created this site to help you discover that there’s a wide variety of equally legitimate directions you can take your law background.

My private and group coaching programs as well as the videos and articles on this site will help you put your law degree to use in a way that makes you happy. Life is too short for anything less.

Watch this video and read below to find out how I can help you:

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JD Careers Out There is a website for lawyers (and law students) who want to love their career. You’ll discover what you can do with a law degree and get tips to help you reach your career goals. Guidance is provided by me and a community of JDs through videos and articles.

My JD Refugee® coaching programs help unfulfilled lawyers step by step through the process of exploring careers, determining what fits them, and making career changes. The programs use a combination of live phone calls and exercise-filled workbooks that are guided by video.

JDCOT is also known for its award-winning video library of interviews with lawyers who work in a wide variety of law and alternative careers. Interview guests share what their careers are really like, give advice on how to break in to their career paths, and provide professional development guidance. Video samples are available throughout the site. The full video library is available by subscription and is also included as a bonus with my coaching programs.

I’m Marc Luber, a career coach for lawyers, the founder of JDCOT and a JD Refugee®. After law school, I followed my passion into the music business and used my JD without practicing law. Then, I made a career change and became an attorney recruiter. Talking to unhappy lawyers every day as a recruiter inspired me to create JD Careers Out There, with the mission of helping lawyers find career satisfaction. Click here to read my story.

My philosophy:
Life is too short be stuck in a career that doesn’t fit you.


How I Help You:

1. I help you find a career that fits you

On JDCOT, you walk through my 3-Step Path to Career Fulfillment. To find out more about the 3 steps, visit the Start Here page. There, you can choose your own adventure for finding law degree jobs whether you’re considering leaving law or you’re a recent law grad, law student, or pre-law.

Make sure you download my FREE self-assessment tool, which will help you get started with Step 1 (self-reflection). The Start Here page will lead you to the assessment that fits your specific situation. Here is the one for anyone considering leaving law:

Get the Free Self-Assessment for Practicing Lawyers

In my step-by-step JD Refugee® programs, we dig deep into this first step, as it’s the foundation for the entire process of finding a fulfilling career.

You can book a free, confidential call with me to discuss your self-assessment answers. We’ll talk about your personal situation and I’ll share tips for your best next steps. You’ll find a link to my calendar on the last page of the assessment PDF.

Th call offer above is only for those with professional experience after law school. If you’re a law student looking to talk to someone, you should contact your school career center.

JDCOT’s video library helps you with Step 2. Via the Career Path Videos, you can explore a wide variety of careers for lawyers – in law and alternative legal careers. The video library is included in my JD Refugee® programs and is also available on its own by subscription.

Subscribing to the video library is the way to go for students and fresh graduates. If you already have professional experience after law school, one of my step-by-step JD Refugee® programs is probably the best fit. We can always discuss on a call.

The video library is filled with interviews I’ve conducted with law grads who have found success in and out of law. They share the realities of their career paths and provide advice on how to break into their line of work. We cover questions like:

LeeChristina interview

  • What’s a typical day?
  • Who makes a good fit for this career?
  • Where can I meet people to help me get a job in this career?
  • What can I do now to set myself up for success?

Here are a few examples of the career paths we cover as we look at what to do with a law degree:

Alternative Legal Careers Law Careers
Sports Agent Employment Law
Non-profit President Personal Injury
Real Estate Developer Criminal Defense
Investment Advisor Assistant Attorney General
Compliance Executive


2. I help you reach your career goals

As a career coach, I help you reach your goal of breaking into a career that fits you.

Many lawyers come to me after years of frustration. They often feel stuck, trapped, and frozen. They don’t know what fits them or what to do next. They may feel like they’ve lost themselves…as if their souls have been crushed. They may have a sense of what they want, but they don’t know how to go about getting it. They may have spent months sending resumes all over the place without hearing back.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, I can help you. My step-by-step coaching system breaks everything down for you into small, actionable steps to help you move forward and avoid overwhelm. You’ll always know what to do next.

Whether you work with me privately or through one of my other JD Refugee® programs, I support you through the process of identifying what fits you, communicating your value to others, growing your network the most painless way possible, and leveraging that network to access the hidden job market.

To explore what working with me is like, download the Career Mirror self-assessment and schedule a complimentary call with me using the link on the last page of the document. The call will help you regardless of whether you choose to work with me.

So, if you’re considering exploring a career change from traditional law practice, get help with your first step on that path to career fulfillment by downloading the Career Mirror below:

Get the Career Mirror Self-Assessment for Practicing Lawyers

I look forward to helping you!