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DC Legal Jobs: Working In A Law Firm Versus The Government

Adam Gropper went from a self-described mediocre law student to making partner to government lawyer. Today he works for the Joint Committee on Taxation on Capitol Hill. Watch Adam’s video to find out why he’d leave a law firm for a government law job....

Not Enough Time? How To Manage Your Time Like The Best

At a law firm, you will may always feel like there’s not enough time to finish your work. Watch this video for some practical time management tips from lawyer Adam Gropper. Adam also suggests you turn to the experts, but check out his advice...

Law Firm or Capitol Hill? Being A Tax Lawyer in Washington

Tax Attorney Adam Gropper was a tax law partner working in BigLaw when he decided to leave law firm life to work for the federal government. Today Adam is Legislation Counsel at the United States Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. In this video, he...

Overcoming Bad Law School Grades & Making Partner

So you want to become a partner at a law firm, but you’re anything but a straight A student. My guest Adam Gropper knows how you feel, but in this video he’s going to give you hope — Adam made it to law firm...

The Key To Being A Lawyer & Making Partner

In our professional development videos, I ask law firm partners to share their tips for associates on effective workplace communications, business development, and client communication. All of these topics are essential skills to master on your way to making partner. Today, we put it...


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