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Alternative Career Options For Lawyers Looking To Leave The Law

Thinking of leaving the law? Wondering what other jobs you can do with a law degree? Watch our JD Refugee® videos to discover alternative careers for lawyers and JD advantage jobs – you’ll see how you can apply your law school skills whether you’re leaving law or simply exploring your options.

True Hollywood Story: From Law School To Writing For TV

Ever clicked through your TV guide only to get sucked into a marathon of the hit series “NCIS: Los Angeles”? Ever dreamed of writing for a show like that? It is no wonder the show has had such great success with a TV writer/producer...

Do You Thrive In A Crisis? PR Jobs To Do With A Law Degree

Public Relations Jobs When spinach causes food poisoning, who is a company going to call? It will call on its legal team and public relations professionals that specialize in litigation and crisis communications. These careers in communications make excellent alternative careers for lawyers, says...

Leave Law & Break Into Commercial Real Estate Careers

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I hate being a lawyer“? After 6 months of law school, Josh Gorin knew law wasn’t for him. He used his law degree and informational interviews to break into commercial real estate careers and has never looked back....

Regulatory Affairs Jobs For Lawyers Who Want To Be Lobbyists

Are you interested in working in the middle, between government regulators and the businesses they’re regulating? You can do that by working in regulatory affairs jobs. Businesses within the same industry pool together to form trade groups or associations that provide members with helpful...

How Community Development Jobs Offer Career Options for Lawyers

Community development jobs revolve around federal and state government programs that provide funding intended to benefit local communities and society as a whole (ex: affordable housing programs). These unique law graduate jobs are a unique and rewarding blend of real estate development, economic development,...

Career Change: Moving From Law To Strategic Communications

Jen Gould has no regrets about going to law school, but her first job in corporate transactional law wasn’t a good fit. While looking to make a career change, she found a position in strategic communications at the RAND Corporation. If you’re thinking about...

What Is eDiscovery? Alternative Legal Careers in Technology

eDiscovery Careers Chad Schwarz remembers sitting in criminal law about two weeks into law school thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” Like many, he stuck it out, finishing law school and becoming a lawyer, but instead of continuing on a path he didn’t...

Why Business Development Jobs Make Good Careers for Lawyers

It’s pretty common to find that business development executives also happen to be lawyers. Today’s guest, Cathy Kim, is one of those lawyers. She’s a former Big Law senior litigation associate who, after leaving the law, changed careers to become a business development executive...


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