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Alternative Career Options For Lawyers Looking To Leave The Law

Thinking of leaving the law? Wondering what other jobs you can do with a law degree? Watch our JD Refugee® videos to discover alternative careers for lawyers and JD advantage jobs – you’ll see how you can apply your law school skills whether you’re leaving law or simply exploring your options.

I Went To Law School But I Really Want To Be A Writer

If you sit in class or your office thinking up stories rather than listening or working, you’ll want to watch this interview with critically-acclaimed author Peter Orner about becoming a writer. Peter has written 4 books and for publications such as The New York...

Becoming An Investment Advisor With A Law Degree

Investment advisors oversee investment strategies for individual and/or institutional investors. Some, like today’s guest, may focus only on high net worth individuals, in which case the available investment strategies broadens from securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds to include things like hedge funds,...

Career Advice For Lawyers From A Capitol Hill Veteran

Today’s guest, Ken Ballen, is a Capitol Hill veteran. After years working as a federal prosecutor, Ken served as a Congressional investigator in exciting roles working on the Hill – including lead investigator on the Iran-Contra Committee hearings and Chief Counsel to the Speaker...

Career Change: Moving From Law To Strategic Communications

Jen Gould has no regrets about going to law school, but her first job in corporate transactional law wasn’t a good fit. While looking to make a career change, she found a position in strategic communications at the RAND Corporation. If you’re thinking about...

What is a Community Organizer? – Alternative Jobs for Lawyers

Community organizer jobs are explored in today’s career video interview with Robert Hoo, a community organizer with an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation network. When I first asked Robert, “what is a community organizer,” I knew that President Obama had been one before...

Investment Banking Jobs After Leaving Law

If you’re interested in leaving the law for investment banking careers, it is possible. Eric Klar is a BigLaw finance attorney who made the transition, then came back to law after 10 years in investment banking jobs. You can bet he knows how to...


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