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Alternative Career Options For Lawyers Looking To Leave The Law

Thinking of leaving the law? Wondering what other jobs you can do with a law degree? Watch our JD Refugee® videos to discover alternative careers for lawyers and JD advantage jobs – you’ll see how you can apply your law school skills whether you’re leaving law or simply exploring your options.

Government Jobs – How Lawyers Can Serve Their City

Having the skills of a lawyer has greatly benefited today’s video guest, Rich Rodriguez, through his many city government jobs since law school. Without practicing law, Rich worked his way up to the highest levels of Chicago city government, serving in major leadership roles...

Planned Giving Jobs Can Make Fulfilling Careers For Lawyers

Careers in planned giving fall within the category of fundraising careers. At organizations like nonprofits, educational institutions and museums, you’ll often find at least one development director on staff who oversees fundraising. Planned giving jobs tend to handle the more technically complex aspects of...

Government Relations Jobs – Use Your Legal Skills As A Lobbyist

Are you interested in influencing legislation, regulations and policies in favor of a client? This is what lobbyists and people in government relations jobs do. Whether working on behalf of public or private entities, they work to build and maintain relationships with politicians and...

Work For Justice – Advocacy Careers For Lawyers

In today’s career video, social justice advocate Abby Leibman of Los Angeles tells us all about advocacy careers and how her law degree and legal skills have played an instrumental role throughout her journey. Abby is a co-founder of the California Women’s Law Center,...

How To Get Political Campaign Jobs Before Or After Law School

Today’s guest, PJ Hoffman, worked in several political campaign jobs prior to graduating law school and becoming an association lobbyist (he recently shared awesome advice with us on these regulatory affairs jobs). Below, PJ shares his tips on doing campaign work. If you’re interested...


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