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Can You Leave Work At Work As A Lawyer?

For many lawyers, work-life balance is an elusive ideal. You’re always going to have something else you can do on your to do list, law firm partner Andy Kaplan says, but it’s also important to leave work at work. Check out this video to...

Advice For Young Lawyers: How To Air Frustrations At Work

Whether you are working as a young associate at a law firm or are starting out in an alternative legal career, it’s easy to get frustrated at work. But should you complain to your boss? How you communicate your frustrations can affect your career...

How To Prepare For An Interview Well

If you want to stand out during an interview, you need to be prepared. Today’s guest, Andrew Kaplan shares what he looks for in a job candidate as a partner at a prominent insurance defense litigation firm in New York. Andrew’s tips for interviewing...

How To Keep Your Clients Happy

When you’re practicing law in a law firm, it’s important to remember that you’re in the service business. That means you not only need to do good work, but you need to keep your clients happy. A big part of that is practicing good...

Life After Making Partner At A Law Firm

It’s a long climb from starting as a junior associate to making partner at a law firm. During all of those years of hard work as an associate, it’s common to wonder what life would be like after making partner. I asked today’s guest,...

How To Handle New Assignments From A Partner

Handling new assignments properly at work is key to your success at any organization. As a junior associate at a law firm, even first impressions are important. Rubbing a partner or senior associate the wrong way can cast a dark cloud over your odds...


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