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From BigLaw To Small: Leaving Your Law Firm Job

Working in BigLaw comes with prestige and money, but as law firm partner Amy Dinn will tell you, it’s not for everybody. If you’re not happy with law firm life, check out Amy’s video on leaving your law firm job. Her advice may save...

Research the Big Law Path Before Taking It

For those wondering what BigLaw is, it’s a term used to describe the largest, most successful law firms. These firms tend to have offices all over the world with 1,000 attorneys or more, representing the world’s largest corporations. Depending on whom you ask, working...

Getting Hired By A Big Law Firm

If you’re looking to work in BigLaw, the world’s largest, most successful law firms, you’d better be prepared to commit yourself and work hard. Associates at these firms tend to come from the top of their law school classes and must continue to work...


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