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What Careers Do Lawyers Most Commonly Transition To?

After a long hiatus from making videos for YouTube, I recently decided to make one that answers a question I’m asked multiple times a week: “what career path do lawyers most commonly transition to?” Helping you explore the wide variety

How Badly Do You Want Meaningful Work?

Many of you email me that your work feels petty and meaningless. You say it’s combative for the sake of being combative. It doesn’t connect with anything you care about. You’re unhappy. You’re wishing you could be doing something else. My question to you...

Learning from Failure

With the hope that it will benefit you, I’m sharing a story below of a time when I epically failed a job interview. It was actually more of a meeting to see if I was even worthy of a full job interview…but the failure...

How To Fail A Job Interview

A great way to fail a job interview is to neglect to explain why you want the job. This may sound really obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people leave employers wondering, “why is this person here”. When you’re interviewing, you need...

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hey everyone – I made this video for you from the jungle in Panama! Megan has been holding down the fort while I’m doing some budget-adventure travel. I’m wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. Thanks to all of you for a great...

Thinking Outside the Box Like Jerry Garcia

With all of the media attention on the recent Atlantic piece focused on alternative careers for lawyers, I thought I’d continue writing about the topic of thinking outside the box. Yesterday, I posted a video focused on the infinite possibilities of the everyday with...

Feeling Trapped Inside Your Head?

If you’ve been feeling trapped, whether it’s inside your own head or trapped in a job that doesn’t fit you, check out this video. It might help to open up your mind to the infinite possibilities within the everyday. A great exercise for thinking...

Will A Legal Recruiter Help Me Leave Law?

Guest post by Hindi Greenberg I am often asked if there is a list of recruiters who specialize in placing attorneys who are seeking to leave the legal profession. Those who ask it are hoping that someone will have a magic wand that can...


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