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Thinking Outside the Box Like Jerry Garcia

With all of the media attention on the recent Atlantic piece focused on alternative careers for lawyers, I thought I’d continue writing about the topic of thinking outside the box. Yesterday, I posted a video focused on the infinite possibilities of the everyday with...

Feeling Trapped Inside Your Head?

If you’ve been feeling trapped, whether it’s inside your own head or trapped in a job that doesn’t fit you, check out this video. It might help to open up your mind to the infinite possibilities within the everyday. A great exercise for thinking...

Will A Legal Recruiter Help Me Leave Law?

Guest post by Hindi Greenberg I am often asked if there is a list of recruiters who specialize in placing attorneys who are seeking to leave the legal profession. Those who ask it are hoping that someone will have a magic wand that can...

Law Career Roundup: Birthday Presents & Career Fulfillment

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If you didn’t see it yesterday, we’re celebrating JD Careers Out There’s first birthday! If I could, I’d send you all a cupcake. Aren’t you jealous of these cupcakes from my nephew’s first birthday last weekend? Photo credit to my sister-in-law. Watch Marc’s birthday...

JD Careers Out There Turns One!

Happy birthday to JD Careers Out There! Hard to believe that JDCOT has existed for a year. I whipped up this video to say thanks to all of you who have supported the site: whether you’re a visitor, an individual member, a law school...
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