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Law Career Advice Roundup: Is Your Career Growing? What direction?

Happy Halloween! Before we get serious with some articles about law jobs for young lawyers, let’s start with some Halloween humor. Here’s some awesome #lawschoolproblem tweets from yesterday: They take Halloween too seriously at my school Hahahaha #tortsclass #lawschoolproblems — Naia Jael (@NaiaJael)...

Law Career Advice Roundup: Law School Yard Fun

Last time in the roundup, I highlighted JDCOT Founder Marc Luber’s comparison of networking to a school cafeteria. This week your career is a jungle gym. Who knew that your career was supposed to be this fun? The Young Lawyers Editorial Board of the...

Law Career Advice Roundup: Adapting To New Legal Trends

How is legal technology changing the practice of law? More importantly how do those changes affect you? The ABA Journal‘s cover story in October explores these questions. Legal services, it reports, are taking business from law firms. (Here’s a podcast interview with co-author William...

Law Career Advice Roundup: Show Up For Your Own Career

JD Careers Out There guests preach the importance of making connections and give you ideas of how to meet people who can help shape your future in our networking tips. Today’s roundup features a number of stories to show you that networking really works....

Job Search Tips For Unemployed Lawyers

Guest post by Hindi Greenberg I have been asked many times what a jobless law graduate can do to increase his or her odds in finding a job. These inquiries often also ask whether using a temporary placement agency is useful. There are a...

Law Career Advice Roundup: Welcome to Law School

Law school is starting back up and we have a ton of great advice for making the most of it. Marc shared a few of his tips for preparing for your career while in school in the JDCOT newsletter this week. You can subscribe...


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