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Transferable Skills Can Guide Your Career Change

Have you assessed your transferable skills? The thought of making a career change can be overwhelming, especially for those of us in the legal community who are risk averse. Like today’s guest tells us, determining your transferable skills is key. If you’re struggling with...

You Might Be Able To Avoid A Job Or Career Change

Countless lawyers complain about being miserable at work. Through my years of legal recruiting and running JDCOT, I’ve always said that before considering a job change or a career change, you should first look at whether your frustration might stem from a communication issue....

Have You Done This Before Considering A Job Or Career Change?

If you’re feeling miserable at work, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from WCB. Even if you might be happy at work but you’re confused and not sure how to move forward, you too might be suffering from WCB. Yes, Workplace Communication Breakdown...

3 Legal Skills That Transfer Out Of Law

If you’re researching law graduate jobs, you might struggle with figuring out how your law background could transfer out of law. I love helping law grads discover the true value and transferability of their skill sets. Between private career coaching sessions, JDCOT’s videos, my...

Finding That Next Career When It’s Time To Leave Law

When you consider leaving the law, it can take a lot of research and reflection to find your next career. Today’s guest, Morgan Smith, is a former personal injury attorney who struggled with the decision to leave law but ultimately decided that it was...

Want A Career Change? Here’s What To Do & What NOT To Do

Do you sometimes fantasize about walking into your boss’s office and saying, “I quit”? Before you do anything rash, watch this video on making a career change. Greg McLaughlin has worked in sales, business development and non-profit management – at the Tiger Woods Foundation....

DC Legal Jobs: Working In A Law Firm Versus The Government

Adam Gropper went from a self-described mediocre law student to making partner to government lawyer. Today he works for the Joint Committee on Taxation on Capitol Hill. Watch Adam’s video to find out why he’d leave a law firm for a government law job....

Tips For Quitting Law & Finding A Career You Love

When did you first start thinking about quitting law? For Chad Scwartz, now an ediscovery consultant, it was early in law school. In this video, Chad shares how he finally made the decision to leave the law and what it takes to make a...


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