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Career Exploration: Law Graduate Jobs

Exploring Law Graduate Jobs

You’ve probably heard that phrase “you can do anything with a law degree.” When thinking about leaving the law, it can be both freeing and overwhelming to know there’s such a variety of law graduate jobs both in and out of law. It can also seem like BS if you’re sending out your resume and never hearing back. So if you can do “anything,” what should you do?

You can start by watching my webinar presentation on “How to Transition from Law to Fulfilling Alternative Careers.” It’s full of helpful, actionable tips for anyone considering leaving law. Click here to get access:

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On this page, we’re going to dig deeper into Step 2 of JDCOT’s 3-step Path to Career Fulfillment. As a reminder, here are the steps:

  1. Self-Reflection: Click Here to Get Your Free Self-Assessment Tool
  2. Career Exploration: You are here.
  3. Breaking In: How to land non-legal jobs for lawyers

If you haven’t yet seen the Step 1 page, you may want to visit the page titled, “I hate being a lawyer.”

If you’re not interested in leaving law, to find targeted career help, visit “Start Here” for law degree jobs that fit you.


By the end of law school, thanks to my summer associate job, I knew I didn’t want to be a lawyer in the traditional sense. The transactional work I was doing left me feeling isolated and too focused on minutiae. I realize now how lucky I was to have reached this conclusion before even entering the “real world”.

You may be discovering now that you feel exactly as I did. Or perhaps you feel that your work is too combative and anxiety-provoking…or too petty, pointless and soul-sucking. The law path is not for everyone!

Now’s your opportunity to find a career that fits you. Even if you’re well past your 20s, it’s not too late to be exploring new careers. Guilt-free. You have a great background – and it’s transferable. You deserve the opportunity to do work that gets you excited to wake up in the morning.

But it’s going to take some research. Your mission should be to connect the dots from your self-analysis to career paths so that you truly find work that fits you, rather than risk leaving law for another bad fit.

You’ll want to conduct your research online and eventually move to face-to-face meetings with people who do the work that interests you. Those meetings will help you both zero in on the right fit (by asking questions and learning from someone who actually does the work) and build your network (by developing relationships with the people who give you their time). You’ll need that network when it comes to breaking into your next path.

When researching, you’ll want to answer three basic questions:

  • What are my options for law graduate jobs?
  • What are these jobs really like?
  • To what extent do these jobs fit my skills, talents, interests, goals and values?

Having asked myself these very questions when I left law for the music industry and again when I became a legal recruiter, I created the JDCOT Career Video Library to bring you the answers. In “day in the life” video interviews, I talk to accomplished law grads about their careers in law and in alternative careers for lawyers.

You’ll hear what a typical day is like for a compliance officer, PR exec, sports agent, and more. You’ll also find out what personality types and skill sets best fit these law graduate jobs.

As you listen to my guests, think about the extent to which their paths measure up to what you’re looking for and what you have to offer.

Finally, you’re going to soak up my guests’ advice on breaking into their paths. I’m jumping ahead, though! We’ll discuss how to land non-legal jobs for lawyers on another page. Right now, just know that these videos cover not only the “what” but also the “how.”

These videos are like virtual informational interview meetings! You’ll ultimately want to do real-life meetings, of course, in order to confirm the right fit and build your network – but these are an ideal place to start.

You’ll find helpful, free snippets for the interviews all over JDCOT. Full access to the Career Video Library and transcripts is available to those who work with me via my JD Refugee® coaching programs as well as to JDCOT subscriber-members.

Watching the full variety of interviews can get you thinking about careers you hadn’t thought about. You never know where you’ll find inspiration! You might find yourself wanting to follow in a guest’s footsteps or running with something they said and creating your own path.

Navigating JDCOT

You’ll see helpful links below for finding career paths on the site. But first, here’s a quick site walk-through:

As I explain in the video, there are a few easy ways to find different careers on JDCOT. You can use the navigation menu and the search function in the upper-right corner of the website or look at related careers on each post. You also can use these three links:

Alternative Careers For Lawyers Careers By Industry Careers by Personality

You can also listen to my guests share their general advice on how to go about finding the right career for you. Check out these videos:

Finding Your Career

JDCOT’s videos are going to help you discover the wide variety of law graduate jobs out there and what they’re really like. Plus you’ll hear advice on how to break into specific career paths.

Ready for Step 3?

If you’ve found a career that excites you and you’re ready for tips on leaving law and breaking into alternative careers for lawyers, you can move on to my page on how to land those non-legal jobs for lawyers. Click here:

How To Land Non-Legal Jobs For Lawyers