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These Lawyer Skills Will Help You Find Work In Any Field

In a tough economy, it’s easy to feel like your law degree is useless, but lawyer-turned-business development executive Cathy Kim tells us that that’s not true. Your lawyer skills are desirable in many alternative careers for lawyers. Watch the video to find out how...

Career Advice If You Failed The Bar Exam

Whether you’ve already seen your bar exam results or are still waiting, Cathy Kim has some words of reassurance for you. A lawyer turned business development executive, Cathy also shares tips on what your next steps should be if you failed the bar exam....

What’s more important than Law School Rank?

While law school rankings may seem like a big deal when you’re in school, your school rank doesn’t matter that much in the long term, says Cathy Kim, a former BigLaw associate who is now a business development executive. Cathy has some great tips...

Two Pointers For Working With Legal Recruiters

Legal headhunters, or recruiters, help move practicing attorneys from one job to the next: such as from law firm A to law firm B, from law firm A to corporation A, or even from corporation A to corporation B. Legal recruiters serve as staffing...

Work-Life Balance Tips for Lawyers

A common challenge to the life of a lawyer is the work and life balance issue. As a recruiter calling law firm associates every day, I regularly heard from young lawyers who were struggling with their work and life balance and were searching for...

How To Handle Being Late On A Deadline At Your Law Firm

Understanding how to communicate and communicating effectively at your law firm are essential to your reputation and your success at that firm. Today’s guest, Cathy Kim, a business development executive and former BigLaw senior associate, explains how to handle a typical law firm communications...

Tips On Networking For Business

Today’s video on networking for business features tips on how to get clients, which is a really important skill to develop if you’re going to work in a law firm or pursue a variety of other careers. Our guest, Cathy Kim, was a senior...


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