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A Lawyer’s Guide To Networking For Business

When you’re an associate, business development can be one of the most challenging requirements of being a lawyer. Chad Schwarz has to find clients as an eDiscovery consultant, too, and he admits that he’s not good at the hard-sell. Luckily, there are other ways...

Tips For Quitting Law & Finding A Career You Love

When did you first start thinking about quitting law? For Chad Scwartz, now an ediscovery consultant, it was early in law school. In this video, Chad shares how he finally made the decision to leave the law and what it takes to make a...

Why You Should Always Take A Job Interview

Even if you are targeting your job search to certain law careers or alternative careers for lawyers, you may land a job interview for a position that is not your first choice. In this career advice video, Chad Schwarz explains why he always takes...

How To Use LinkedIn To Find Law Jobs

Do you put as much time into LinkedIn as you do Facebook? If you’re looking for a job or are serious about advancing your career, you should be, says Chad Schwarz, an eDiscovery consultant. Chad shares networking tips on how to use LinkedIn in...

How To Find And Use A Mentor Effectively

Chad Schwarz, an eDiscovery consultant, has had multiple mentors along his career path. In this video on networking tips, he explains how mentors have helped him with immediate questions and long-term career plans. Chad also explains how to find a mentor, giving you many...

What Is eDiscovery? Alternative Legal Careers in Technology

eDiscovery Careers Chad Schwarz remembers sitting in criminal law about two weeks into law school thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” Like many, he stuck it out, finishing law school and becoming a lawyer. But he pursued law-related jobs rather than continuing on...


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