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What Should You Do Before Law School?

With so many voices warning against law school these days, you might be uncertain about whether you should go to law school. How can you know? Lawyer Christina Lee shares some great advice for how to find your path before law school. Watch the...

The Easy Way Lawyers Can Make Networking Connections

Christina Lee’s networking tips don’t involve schmoozing, elevator pitches, or those things that so many people dread. Plus, her networking connections have helped her in ways she could have never imagined. Watch her video to find out how networking is easier than you thought.

Help The Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses As An Immigration Lawyer

A hotly discussed topic in politics, immigration law creates some interesting careers for lawyers. Christina H. Lee’s law practice includes family-based immigration law, removal defense and employment-based immigration law. In this video, she tells you all about how to become an immigration lawyer. Most...


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