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Why Go On An Informational Interview?

Whether you’re making a career change, leaving the law, or you’re first starting out as a lawyer, an informational interview can be an amazing tool to advance your career. These interviews are called “informational” because you’re there to find out what somebody does and...

Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Career Search

Whether you’re making a career change or trying to determine what your first career should be, it can feel like a giant leap to get from where you are now to being settled into something you enjoy. Let me help to break it down...

Why Being Curious Helps You In Job Interviews

Being a curious person can help you in a lot of ways: from being a better networker to a better listener to a better sales person and even better at interviewing for law degree jobs. After all, if you’re curious, it will make the...

How Lawyers Can Move Forward From Career Mistakes

Are you satisfied where you are in your career? You may always have your doubts, but watch this video with appellate lawyer Cindy Tobisman to hear a positive way of looking at your career, including ways of moving forward from career mistakes. If you’re...

Appellate Law: The Law Career For Supreme Court Junkies

Are the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court rock stars to you? If so, then check out this interview with Cindy Tobisman about appellate law. After all, appellate lawyers are the types of lawyers that get to argue in front of the Supreme Court!...


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