JDCOT Leaving Law Class

Are you struggling to find satisfaction working in law? Tired of the stress and hours?

Have you considered leaving law but fear being judged negatively? Maybe you’re not clear on how to begin the process or what career options match your background. Or you’ve dipped your toe in the water and your JD seems to be getting in the way.

Good news: you’ll find step-by-step, practical guidance to help you move forward in the JDCOT Leaving Law class. Below, I’ll share how this class can benefit you.

We’ll be taking a holistic approach to the career transition process so you can get to where you want to be: a much happier place.

Starting next Tuesday, March 28, over the course of 7 weeks, we’ll look at all aspects of what you bring to the table so that you can match that to career paths, articulate it to get help from people, be seen as a top candidate, and break in to the path you want.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you want to change from law & how to communicate it
  • What might be standing in the way of you making a change & how to deal with that
  • Your skill set, the power of your legal background & how those translate to non-legal jobs
  • Your natural talents & strengths
  • Your goals, values & interests
  • What types of alternative careers are out there
  • Examples of people who have left law for alternative careers
  • Matching your personal profile to career paths
  • Tools & exercises to boost your self-awareness so you can discover the right career & break into it
  • Emotional intelligence & how to use it to your advantage through the transition process
  • Communicating about yourself with people who can help you network & get hired
  • Sidestepping the stigma of being “just a lawyer” or even an “arrogant lawyer”
  • Overcoming the “no experience” nightmare
  • Mitigating your fear of failure and boosting your confidence without being a bragging opportunist
  • Staying on track so you can be seen as a top candidate & achieve your mission

To help you move forward:
Check out what JDs who completed this program have to say about how it benefited them. To see their reviews, click here or scroll down.

How can you achieve similar progress?
You’ll receive access to videos, worksheets, an online community and weekly, interactive group phone calls moderated by me. The calls are filled with guidance and group discussion of that week’s topic and homework. While videos & worksheets are completed at your convenience, the group calls are a weekly appointment during evening times convenient to both U.S. coasts. To find the progress you desire, you’ll want to commit to and participate in all aspects of the program.

What kind of time investment will this be?
When combining your video viewing time (avg video length is 30 minutes) with time to complete your worksheets & exercises, you’ll want to set aside about 2-3 hours per week. Weekly group coaching call length will be determined by your participation but will typically run around 90 minutes.

When will the group calls be?
Each week, you’ll have the freedom to choose from 2 available time slots: Tuesdays at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific) and Wednesdays at 9pm Central (7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern). The first calls will be next week, Tue/Wed March 28/29. The final calls will be May 9/10. The second week of April will have no Tuesday call. Instead, there will be 2 calls to choose from on Wed, 4/12.

What is the online community?

It’s a private community similar to a Facebook wall where we can all interact. It will be available 24/7 and I will check in daily. As a legal recruiter who spent years holding everyone’s career secrets, I understand the desire for privacy. To respect yours, rather than using FB, we’ll use a system that allows you to create a profile without your full name or photo. I of course pledge to keep all of your information confidential – and this online system will make it easier for the rest of the group to do the same.

Other details?
A follow-up to this class, referred to in the videos as “Module 2,” is coming soon. Module 2 will help you build your network so you can ultimately break in to the path you decide to chase. Participating in this class guarantees you special pricing on Module 2 when it first becomes available. You can click here or scroll down to see what others have said about their experience with this class.

“What if I hate it?”

I’m so confident you won’t that I offer a Money Back Guarantee. If you decide after the first week’s videos, worksheet & group call that this class simply isn’t for you, email me and I’ll refund your money. I would need to hear from you by Noon Central time on Thurs, March 30th.


During the class, you’ll receive free access to the JDCOT Career Video Library to help you explore & discover a wide variety of careers for JDs. These videos feature Charlie Rose-style interviews that I conduct with a broad range of JDs who share everything you’d want to know about their career path – from a typical day to how to break in. They also share video advice on things like interviewing, networking & more.

For help getting unstuck & moving forward:


You’ll get access to:

  • Guidance toward a happier career situation
  • Clarity on deciding whether leaving law is the way to go
  • Help with all of the topics listed at the top of this page
  • Class videos (the first videos unlock on March 24)
  • Class worksheets & exercises
  • 7 weekly interactive group coaching calls (March 28-May 10)
  • Private online community
  • JDCOT Career Video Library
  • All class content for 4 months (+Video Library for 3)
  • Discounts on private coaching
  • Discounts on the “Module 2” networking-to-break-in class
  • Money Back Guarantee after 1st week’s content + call (by March 30)



  • Should: Be serious about exploring a career change.
  • Should: Be willing to commit to doing the homework and taking advantage of what the class has to offer.
  • Should NOT: Be overburdened by student loans and in dire financial straits. Although you too would benefit from this class, I don’t want to take money from anyone who doesn’t have money to spend. Get back on solid ground and then revisit this.

Have you been considering making a change for a while now? Wanting to take action but unsure of what to do? Getting sidetracked by the chaos of daily life?

This program will help to shake you out of the status quo. Check out what your fellow JDs are saying about it below.

What People Are Saying:


"I would strongly recommend this class for anyone trying to figure out what to do next in their career. I was skeptical whether an online program could actually be effective, but I decided to take a chance on Marc’s program and I’m so glad that I did.

After years of being miserable in my Biglaw firm position, I knew I needed to make a change but struggled with feelings of inadequacy and a lack of direction. I had no idea of what I wanted to do next and doubted I had any skills that would be marketable outside the law.

Marc helped me realize that my dissatisfaction with the law and desire to change careers was not a sign of failure, but instead likely reflected my not having found a career that was a good fit for me.

The program utilized a combination of informative videos and numerous creative and practical exercises to help me identify my strengths and interests. I was concerned I would lose interest watching videos rather than participating in a live class but Marc has an engaging style and, by sharing his own experiences with career transition, he helped me understand how his lessons could apply to my own journey.

The exercises helped me clarify what responsibilities and tasks I actually enjoy doing and am good at, and, as importantly, I've identified what I do not enjoy doing. As a result, I am now prepared to intelligently identify a new career that will capitalize on my strengths and interests whether within the law, in a new practice area, or outside of the law.

I am looking forward to using what I learned during Marc's class to run to a new position that I love instead of taking the first opportunity to `escape.'"

- Nicole S.Transitioning Senior Attorney in Washington, D.C.


"I would definitely recommend this class to anyone even considering getting out of law and also to those who are dissatisfied with their current legal job but who may want to stay in the law. This is the class I should have taken even before law school so I could have gone into my professional life with more mindfulness of what path makes the most sense to me.

By taking the program, I was able to take all the scattered thoughts and fears I have had about changing careers and start to make sense of - and move past - them. I began to understand why I was dissatisfied with my current job (and several before that) and why I might not like being a lawyer. I started seeing how things I've learned in my current and previous jobs could translate perfectly into new, exciting non-legal careers. I also began to understand how and why I could be attractive to new employers. Once I started discovering all of this, my search felt more positive and exciting than fearful.

One of the things I liked most about this class was that it forced me to answer questions and be thoughtful about my career search. Before, I would just ask myself periodically: what else would I like to do with my life? With this program, I actually did the serious work to look in the mirror and examine what would make the best fit for me. I found the group calls to be incredibly valuable for getting feedback, hearing about other people’s experiences, and ensuring that I completed the homework and kept myself moving forward.

I had been thinking for way too long about moving on from my job but life kept getting in the way. Work would be too busy, my wife and I bought a house, had a first kid, and then another. My spare time seemed always filled by other obligations that I just didn't have time to spend on thinking proactively about what I wanted to do with my life. Plus, whenever I thought about what I might like to do other than be a lawyer, I would think about how I wasn't qualified to do it and my "brainstorming" would stop almost as quickly as it started. So, I just kept persevering at my job for years - not at all satisfied - but getting by and just enduring so I could be happy in my personal life.

On a complete impulse, I decided to no longer put things off anymore. I didn't want to just quit my job and force myself to move on - having a wife and children doesn't allow that level of spontaneity. So I signed up for this course on JDCOT and threw myself completely into the process for the next two months.

I am so glad that I did. If you are contemplating a job or career change and are stuck in neutral on that road, take this course!"

- Matt P.Transitioning Chicago Attorney

Enrollment closes Monday night, March 27th at Midnight!

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*Money Back Guarantee: You have nothing to lose. If you decide after the first week’s videos, worksheet & group call that this class simply isn’t for you, email me and I’ll refund your money. I would need to hear from you by Noon Central time on Thurs, March 30th.

"I wholeheartedly recommend this JDCOT course. The course helped me to diagnose my strengths, look at job paths that would use those strengths, reframe my law school training and see how that training is an asset rather than a liability.

Marc used a variety of media to convey his training. There was a series of videos that explored each concept of the class in great detail. Then there was a whole series of valuable exercises that provide a level of self-awareness to the participant that’s even greater than a coaching session.

The exercises required me to critically look at my life and what career paths would fit with my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Weekly group calls were very helpful in that they allowed me to have a comprehensive coaching session which thoroughly explored the week’s material. The calls also connected me with other lawyers facing a career transition, as did the online community that allowed class participants to message each other as well as Marc.

Finally, access to the JDCOT career video library provided us with real life, tangible examples of other people who have used their legal backgrounds for different careers.

I have been working in a JD advantage career for many years, so it had been difficult for me before this class to see what value law school was providing to my present situation. I could see by the end of the first week’s session that the exercises were unique and specialized to the legal field, and were specifically designed for lawyers who were transitioning to another field.

Marc is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I’ve seen, with a clear passion for helping us discover that our law training can be an asset rather than a negative. Thanks for the help!"

- Brad H.Transitioning Maryland Attorney


“I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to explore new careers in a streamlined, well-presented way, as well as anyone looking to have a deeper understanding of themselves and their skill sets that existed before and were shaped by law school. The benefits of taking this class, both in the short and long term, have been unique to any other class I’ve taken, either in or out of law school.

After practicing law for about four years, I began to get the overwhelming feeling of "is this all there is?" I increasingly found that I wasn't satisfied in my field. Each time I contemplated branching out and leaving law, I became frustrated and was unable to articulate why I wanted to leave or how my legal background would be applicable in a new field. When I first heard about Marc's program, I was a bit skeptical that it would contain any new or novel concepts that I hadn't been well versed in by recruiters or by my own research.

After beginning the class, however, it became apparent that Marc's methodology was unlike anything I'd come across. For starters, the class allowed us to focus on the sometimes uncomfortable realities of why we entered law, what we struggle with, and what our desired future careers would include. A variety of introspective exercises then allowed us to build a sense of self-awareness and provided me with clarity about my abilities and how they would translate outside a legal setting. Marc also employs different styles of learning tools to get you more comfortable communicating with other people about yourself and your goals.

Marc's curriculum allowed me to develop a creative expression of my background, skill sets, and positive attributes, and package them in a confident and comprehensive way. By the time I finished the class, I not only had a newfound confidence in my abilities to succeed, but I also had an idea of how my abilities fit into the larger framework of opportunities outside of law.”

- Susie DentSan Diego Attorney






If you’re tired of being dissatisfied with your workday and stress is getting the best of you, then invest in yourself now to make a fresh start like the people above.

Enroll today to start moving forward and guarantee your access. Our first group call will be next Tuesday, March 28. I look forward to helping you!

Enrollment closes Monday night, March 27th at Midnight!

For help getting unstuck & moving forward:


*Money Back Guarantee: You have nothing to lose. If you decide after the first week’s videos, worksheet & group call that this class simply isn’t for you, email me and I’ll refund your money. I would need to hear from you by Noon Central time on Thurs, March 30th.

Do you have any questions? Please email me your questions at marc@jdcot [dot] com. If you’re already a JDCOT Member, be sure to view this page when logged in.

Thanks everyone,
Marc Luber