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Want To Get Clients Now? Tips From A Rainmaking Law Partner

Today’s video is jam-packed with advice for those of you wanting to learn ways to get clients now for your law practice. Rainmaker Ben Reznik, a top land use attorney in the Los Angeles area, takes us behind-the-scenes on business development, networking and how...

Lawyers: Master The Human Side Of Business Development

How can simply being a good person help your business? Watch this video with employment lawyer Mike Maslanka to find out what he recommends — whether you’re trying to network or develop business. Mike also shares some practical examples of what being a good...

Is Making Partner Your Career Goal? Tips on Finding Clients

If your career goals include making partner, watch Matthew DeVries’ tips in this video. Matt shares practical tips for associates on their way to becoming partner, including how to approach law business development. But even if you’re still in law school and becoming a...

The Key To Being A Lawyer & Making Partner

In our professional development videos, I ask law firm partners to share their tips for associates on effective workplace communications, business development, and client communication. All of these topics are essential skills to master on your way to making partner. Today, we put it...

How To Keep Your Clients Happy

When you’re practicing law in a law firm, it’s important to remember that you’re in the service business. That means you not only need to do good work, but you need to keep your clients happy. A big part of that is practicing good...

Advice For Lawyers On How To Keep Your Clients Happy

Developing good client service skills is key to building your law practice. If you can’t keep your clients happy, they’ll jump to one of your competitors. Land use lawyer, rainmaker, partner and department chairman Ben Reznik shares advice in today’s video on how to...


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