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Good Negotiation Strategies For Practicing Lawyers

It’s important for all lawyers, no matter their practice area, to know how to negotiate well, says employment lawyer Donna Ballman. Thankfully, lawyers can be trained to be better negotiators. In this professional development video, Donna talks about the training that she did and...

Employment Law Jobs: Defend Employees’ Rights In The Workplace

Employment law jobs come in many shapes and sizes. While our other employment lawyer guest, Mike Maslanka, helps companies manage their workforces, today’s guest Donna Ballman often helps the workers when they feel mismanaged. As an employee-side employment lawyer, Donna says she prefers working...

Interviewing Tips: How To Ask And Answer Tough Questions

Job interviews go two ways: You’re being evaluated, but you’re also evaluating a potential employer. In today’s professional development video, lawyer Donna Ballman shares interviewing tips for both of these sides of an interview. Donna shares how to impress your interviewer as well as...

Women In Law: Do You Know Your Rights?

Even if you have graduated from law school, you may not be aware of the rights that you have as a woman in the workplace. As an attorney for employees, though, that is one of Donna Ballman’s specialties. Donna, the author of


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