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Exploring What To Do With A Law Degree

What To Do With A Law Degree

If you’re like most people, you went to law school because you wanted to become a lawyer. But what type of law? And at what type of firm? Have you ever thought that another career might make you happier? We’re going to answer these types of questions by exploring what to do with a law degree.

On this page, let’s dive in to Step 2 of JDCOT’s 3-Step Path to Career Fulfillment. To review the formula’s steps:

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Before we get to how to explore what to do with a law degree, let’s cover the why.

Law school tends to attract driven, high-achieving people. The good news is that these qualities will bring you success in your career. The bad news is that we all tend to chase the same prestigious jobs, regardless of whether they suit us.

You may have gone to law school because you weren’t sure what you wanted to do. Or maybe you knew exactly what you wanted to do, but now you want to know your options in a tough legal job market. Personally, I went to law school to become a lawyer in the music industry, but I found out that this work wasn’t for me after one summer associate position.

Instead of letting yourself slide into a job only to realize down the road that it’s not the right fit, career exploration allows you proactively find a career you’ll love. You’ll want to “explore” three basic questions about a variety of career paths:

  • What options do I have for what to do with a law degree?
  • What are these jobs really like?
  • Are they a good fit for me?

I’ve asked myself these very questions, and I built JD Careers Out There to hand you the answers. In “day in the life” video interviews, I talk to accomplished law grads about their careers in and out of law. You’ll hear about a typical day for a criminal defense attorney, a legal journalist, tax lawyer, investment banker, and more.

You’ll also find out whether your these careers fit your unique qualities and skills. As you watch the interviews with my guests, keep your answers to the self-assessment questions in The Career Mirror in mind. Ask yourself whether their career paths might fit you.

Finally, be sure to listen for my guests’ wisdom on how to break into their paths. I’m jumping ahead of myself! I’m going to talk more about step 3 elsewhere (see the orange buttons below). But for now, I just wanted you to know that these videos don’t just talk about what these jobs are all about but also how to get them.

Members of JDCOT get full access to the video archive. Especially at this stage of your career, I encourage you to watch as many interviews as possible. You may find inspiration in unexpected places, whether you decide you want to follow in a guest’s footsteps or create your own path. Not a member of JDCOT yet? Click here to find out more about JDCOT’s membership plans.

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Navigating JDCOT

You’ll find links to career path videos below, but first, I’ll walk you through the site in this video:

As I explain in the video, you can find career path videos on JDCOT in a few different ways. You can use the navigation menu and the search function in the upper-right corner of the website or you can look for “related careers” on each post. You also can follow these links:

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My guests also share their general advice on finding the right career for you in shorter videos. Click here to check them out:

Finding Your Career

JDCOT’s videos are going to help you discover what to do with a law degree, plus what these careers are really like. You’ll also get advice on how to break into specific career paths.

Ready for Step 3?

If you think you’ve found the right career for you, and you’re ready for tips on landing a job and getting PAID to do what you love, you have two options. If you want to pursue a law practice area, check out this page on legal job search tips. If you want to break into alternative careers for lawyers, you can move on to my page on how to land non-legal jobs for lawyers. Click here for either option:

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