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Leave Law & Break Into Commercial Real Estate Careers

Do you ever find yourself saying, “I hate being a lawyer“? After 6 months of law school, Josh Gorin knew law wasn’t for him. So he used his law degree to pursue non-law jobs for lawyers. He broke into commercial real estate careers thanks...

Law Firm or Capitol Hill? Being A Tax Lawyer in Washington

Tax Attorney Adam Gropper was a tax law partner working in BigLaw when he decided to leave law firm life to work for the federal government. Today Adam is Legislation Counsel at the United States Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. In this video, he...

Becoming An Investment Advisor With A Law Degree

Investment advisors oversee investment strategies for individual and/or institutional investors. Some, like today’s guest, may focus only on high net worth individuals, in which case the available investment strategies broadens from securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds to include things like hedge funds,...

Investment Banking Jobs After Leaving Law

If you’re interested in leaving the law for investment banking careers, it is possible. Eric Klar is a BigLaw finance attorney who made the transition, then came back to law after 10 years in investment banking jobs. You can bet he knows how to...

Consumer Rights Law – Make A Career Fighting For The Little Guy

A consumer rights attorney tends to represent individuals and handle class actions on issues related to debt collection, credit reports, lemon laws, and consumer fraud. These types of lawyers may focus on things like relieving consumers of debt through settlements and bankruptcies, defending them...

Tax Law Careers – Would You Make A Good Tax Lawyer?

If you’re one of the few lawyers or law students who is not afraid of numbers, check out this video on tax law careers. Tax attorney Richard Horne says being a tax lawyer is always interesting, as it’s one of the types of lawyers...

Planned Giving Jobs Can Make Fulfilling Careers For Lawyers

Careers in planned giving fall within the category of fundraising careers. At organizations like nonprofits, educational institutions and museums, you’ll often find at least one development director on staff who oversees fundraising. Planned giving jobs tend to handle the more technically complex aspects of...


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