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How Lawyers Can Move Forward From Career Mistakes

Are you satisfied where you are in your career? You may always have your doubts, but watch this video with appellate lawyer Cindy Tobisman to hear a positive way of looking at your career, including ways of moving forward from career mistakes. If you’re...

How Can I Find Out What To Do With A Law Degree?

Graduation is supposed to be a happy time, but for law students these days, it’s just scary. If you’re in law school or recently graduated, Leila is talking to you in this video. She outlines exactly what you need to do to figure out...

Think Long Term When Finding Your Career In Law

It might be tempting to simply look for a job out of law school, but Leila Kanani suggests that when you’re trying to find your career, you give some more thought to that classic interview question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?...

How To Find Your Path Serving Others

Many people go to law school because they want to help others, and there are plenty of public interest careers that allow you to do so. Travis Williams, for instance, is a public defender, but he considered other options, too. Williams suggests how you...

Finding Your Career: Five Steps To Leave Law Behind

Whether you’ve been practicing law for one year or decades, it can be difficult to make a career change. But as you may have noticed in the JD Careers Out There video library, many of the people I’ve interviewed are JDs who decided to...


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