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Why You Should Always Take A Job Interview

Even if you are targeting your job search to certain law careers or alternative careers for lawyers, you may land a job interview for a position that is not your first choice. In this career advice video, Chad Schwarz explains why he always takes...

How To Make Law School Rankings Not Matter

Many people fret over the law school rankings from U.S. News. Perhaps you’re deciding where to go to law school. Or maybe your school took a nose dive in the rankings. Either way, there are other ways for you to stand out. In this...

Interviewing Tips: How To Prepare For An Interview

When you have a job interview, you need to do more than just show up in a nice suit. Ken Ballen, a veteran of Capitol Hill and now president of a non-profit organization, has interviewed countless people over the course of his career. His...

What’s more important than Law School Rank?

While law school rankings may seem like a big deal when you’re in school, your school rank doesn’t matter that much in the long term, says Cathy Kim, a former BigLaw associate who is now a business development executive. Cathy has some great tips...

Interviewing Tips: How To Ask And Answer Tough Questions

Job interviews go two ways: You’re being evaluated, but you’re also evaluating a potential employer. In today’s professional development video, lawyer Donna Ballman shares interviewing tips for both of these sides of an interview. Donna shares how to impress your interviewer as well as...

Interviewing Tips: How To Act In A Job Interview

When you are in a job interview, you want to establish a rapport with the person interviewing you. As a law firm partner and a senior associate, Scott Gautier has been on both sides of an interview, and he has some great ideas about...

Interviewing Tip: Don’t Try To Impress

Kathy Finn gives the same advice for interviewing as she gives for dating. And in both contexts, it seems counterintuitive. Why wouldn’t you want to try to impress either your date or a potential employer? Watch her video on interviewing tips to find out...

Got A Job Offer? Why You Need To See It In Writing

As an attorney recruiter, I once helped a senior associate move firms who didn’t involve me in part of the negotiation process. In the course of his interviewing, he got a verbal promise that he would be made partner in two years at the...


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