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When it comes to your career, do you feel lost or stuck?

Maybe you're uncertain about your future. You're not happy with the direction of your career. Or you just don't know where to begin.

But you know something better must be out there…

On JD Careers Out There, I'm going to show you that you CAN have a job you love.

Here's how JDCOT helps:


Through day-in-the-life video interviews with accomplished law grads, you'll discover the wide variety of careers you can do with a law degree, including law jobs & alternative careers for lawyers.

JDCOT guests share the advice they wish they had about breaking in.

You are not alone! My guests and I guide you through the process of finding the right career and creating an action plan for how to get there.

As a lawyer looking to leave the law, but not sure where to go, I found JDCOT to be the most helpful resource out there. The interviews on JDCOT contain honest and complete information because Marc asks the questions that people thinking about different careers really need to know – and the guests respond in kind.

Stacy M.

Transitioning Florida Attorney

JDCOT Alumna


If you want career fulfillment, you need a proven path.

Here are the 3 steps of that path:
1. Self-Assessment

You need to know yourself before you can know what you want. JDCOT provides a free self-assessment tool.

2. Career Exploration

JDCOT's archive of career path videos enable you to explore a variety of law jobs and alternative careers for lawyers.

3. Breaking In

In JDCOT's videos, my guests and I help you figure out how to meet the right people and get the right job for you.

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Why are so many lawyers unhappy?

We rarely follow this path.

Law school teaches us how to think, read & write like lawyers – but not how to handle real-life career stuff.

We're on our own for that.

We study contracts without ever drafting one. Unlike med students, we don't get to rotate through practice areas to see what we like. We're often told to chase BigLaw – but will we love it or find it soul-sucking?

And how many of us learn about alternative careers for lawyers or how to transfer our legal skills?!

Marc Luber

Founder & Host of JDCOT

Life is too short to be stuck in a career that doesn't fit you!

This is my personal motto.

It comes from my own experience – and the experiences of the hundreds of lawyers I have personally counseled.

I've sat in a legal department thinking, "this just isn't for me." I stuck through law school because "I'm not a quitter." I was underpaid and underemployed when first trying to find my way in the music industry. Years later, I went through a career change.

I've been through it all career-wise . . . and I used my 3-step proven path to find 2 careers that I've loved!

This proven path allowed me to live out my dreams in the music business, and it helped me discover that being an attorney recruiter was a great fit for me – I love counseling people about their careers.

As a recruiter, I've talked to tons of lawyers. It troubles me to see how many of them dread going to work. Too few lawyers know about this proven path to career fulfillment!

And here's the thing: The path has worked for me, I've seen it work for countless others, and it's going to work for you.

Don't just listen to me.

Check out my guests' advice:

"If I could talk to my younger self in law school, I would say, 'Think outside the box earlier in your career.' I really recommend listening to people talk about their specific career paths."

-David Orleans
Insurance Exec

"You really need to take ownership of your own future and reach out and do research – go online, Google, and go and talk to people."

-Kristine Pizzo
HR Exec

"I would have really appreciated having a site like this where I could have looked at what other people have done."

-Morgan C. Smith


Your Guide To What You Can Do With A Law Degree … And How To Get There

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    Marc’s video interviews help you painlessly explore many different career options. They help you focus your search by giving you much of what you’d get from doing your own informational interviews. I highly recommend JDCOT.


    Transitioning Attorney

    JDCOT Alumna


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    I cannot thank you enough for JDCOT. Not to sound cliché, but it definitely changed my life in that it apprised me of all the options available, and more importantly, that I can be happy with my career. Because of JDCOT, I have a firm grasp on my plan and exit strategy beyond litigation!


    California Attorney

    JDCOT Alumnus

    As a new attorney trying to figure out where I fit in the legal world, I found JDCOT to be an extremely valuable way to learn about my options. Watching the videos was a great way to dip my toes into careers I knew nothing about— definitely helped me gain insights, confidence and ask better questions during informational interviews.


    Chicago Attorney

    JDCOT Alumna


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