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Thinking Beyond Law For Your Professional Future?

Are you thinking beyond law for your professional future? Not everyone goes to law school with the goal of practicing law. Many people, including both today’s guest, ethics and compliance officer Kimberly Strong, and I, went to law school thinking beyond law. Others, perhaps...

How To Find A Great Professional Mentor

You’d think that Kimberly Strong, who’s at the top of her field, wouldn’t need a professional mentor anymore. But in this video, she shares how and why she turns to other people for career and job advice. Her thoughts on who can be a...

Women In Law & Alternative Careers: You Can Have It All

Today my guest Kimberly Strong contributes to the debate about whether women – or men – can “have it all.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by pressures to choose between work, family, and hobbies, you’ll appreciate Kimberly’s pep talk. You can also check out other...


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