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How Shy Lawyers Can Rock Law Firm Business Development

It’s inevitable. You have to network to bring in clients at a law firm. Even those of us who aren’t introverted struggle with networking (get more tips here). In this video, law firm partner Laura McClellan presents a fun and effective approach to law...

How To Set Yourself Up For Success As A Woman In Law

Only about 20 percent of law firm partners are women, but as a partner with a strong real estate law practice in Dallas, Laura McClellan says she hasn’t faced any disadvantages as a woman in law. Why not? Watch her professional development video to...

How To Have Work-Life Balance As A Lawyer

Lawyers work a lot. That’s a given of law firm life. But it is possible to be more efficient with your time, law firm partner and “productivity nerd” Laura McClellan says. Laura also explains how to find out if a law firm values work-life...

Real Estate Law Careers: See Your Work In The Skyline

The recovery of the real estate market is good news for lawyers interested in real estate law careers. With more deals being done, these types of lawyers are in demand again, says our guest Laura McClellan, a real estate law partner in Dallas, Texas....

Get On The Partnership Path from Day One At A Law Firm

Partnerships might seem far off in your first few years working at a law firm, but you can start on that path from Day One on the job, real estate attorney Laura McClellan says. Making partner requires you to approach your work with a...


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