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Law Alternatives

Do You Thrive In A Crisis? PR Jobs To Do With A Law Degree

PR Executive Nick Gaffney with JDCOT Founder Marc Luber
Public Relations Jobs When spinach causes food poisoning, who is a company going to call? It will call on its legal team and public relations professionals that specialize in litigation and crisis communications. These careers in communications make excellent nonlegal jobs for lawyers, says...

What Is eDiscovery? Alternative Legal Careers in Technology

eDiscovery Consultant Chad Schwarz speaks with Marc Luber of JDCOT
eDiscovery Careers Chad Schwarz remembers sitting in criminal law about two weeks into law school thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” Like many, he stuck it out, finishing law school and becoming a lawyer. But he pursued law-related jobs rather than continuing on...

I Went To Law School But I Really Want To Be A Writer

Author Peter Orner talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber
If you sit in class or your office thinking up stories rather than listening or working, you’ll want to watch this interview with critically-acclaimed author Peter Orner about becoming a writer. Peter has written 4 books and for publications such as The New York...

Career Advice For Lawyers From A Capitol Hill Veteran

Terror Free Tomorrow founder Ken Ballen speaks with Marc Luber of JDCOT
Today’s guest, Ken Ballen, is a Capitol Hill veteran. After years working as a federal prosecutor, Ken served as a Congressional investigator in exciting roles working on the Hill – including lead investigator on the Iran-Contra Committee hearings and Chief Counsel to the Speaker...

Career Change: Moving From Law To Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications Director Jen Gould with JDCOT host Marc Luber
Jen Gould has no regrets about going to law school, but her first job in corporate transactional law wasn’t a good fit. While looking to make a career change, she found a position in strategic communications at the RAND Corporation. If you’re thinking about...

Government Relations Jobs – Use Your Legal Skills As A Lobbyist

Portland lobbyist Martha Pellegrino speaks with Marc Luber of JD Careers Out There
Are you interested in influencing legislation, regulations and policies in favor of a client? This is what lobbyists and people in government relations jobs do. Whether working on behalf of public or private entities, they work to build and maintain relationships with politicians and...
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