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A Lawyer’s Guide To Networking For Business

When you’re an associate, business development can be one of the most challenging requirements of being a lawyer. Chad Schwarz has to find clients as an eDiscovery consultant, too, and he admits that he’s not good at the hard-sell. Luckily, there are other ways...

Want To Get Clients Now? Tips From A Rainmaking Law Partner

Today’s video is jam-packed with advice for those of you wanting to learn ways to get clients now for your law practice. Rainmaker Ben Reznik, a top land use attorney in the Los Angeles area, takes us behind-the-scenes on business development, networking and how...

Business Development: How To Close A Sale As A Lawyer

You go to law school to learn about legal principles, not sales techniques. So what do you do when you meet with a potential client? David Orleans shares the negotiation strategies he has learned as a law grad working in commercial insurance alternative jobs...

How Shy Lawyers Can Rock Law Firm Business Development

It’s inevitable. You have to network to bring in clients at a law firm. Even those of us who aren’t introverted struggle with networking (get more tips here). In this video, law firm partner Laura McClellan presents a fun and effective approach to law...

Lawyers: Master The Human Side Of Business Development

How can simply being a good person help your business? Watch this video with employment lawyer Mike Maslanka to find out what he recommends — whether you’re trying to network or develop business. Mike also shares some practical examples of what being a good...


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