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Law Career Advice Roundup: Welcome to Law School

Law school is starting back up and we have a ton of great advice for making the most of it.

Marc shared a few of his tips for preparing for your career while in school in the JDCOT newsletter this week. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the link. We also have a number of videos on law school here.

These are some great general tips for life in law school from lawyer Ruth Carter.

Girls Guide To Law School turns your attention to class on Ms. JD’s blog, with an explanation of the difference between undergraduate classes and tests versus law school classes and tests.

And here’s how not to do it:

We connected with a 3L last week who explained on his blog that grades are important in law school, but they aren’t everything. He also recommends thinking about your career and networking.

And if you need some evidence for networking, this is a great story about how a lawyer got a clerkship after law school. Remember that midway through the semester.

Moving on from law school, a law professor did an interesting study on where all the law jobs have gone. BigLaw has lost six times the jobs than any other sector, and even though government and small firm jobs haven’t gone away, that only means that competition in these sectors is fiercer, as the graduates who used to go into BigLaw seek jobs elsewhere.

This study reinforces how important JD Careers Out There is at a time like this. Many of our JD Refugee guests, now at the peak of their careers, say they wish they had JDCOT in law school so that they could have thought more about their paths before jumping into a Big Law. Today, law students are being forced to think about what type of law or alternative career they want to practice because the BigLaw jobs aren’t there.

For those of you who are unemployed, the new ABA President has his attention turned to you! He wants you to work for low-income clients, but not all are reacting positively to this idea. Here’s some reaction from Twitter:

Having done a year of service (though not in law), I can tell you that service nearly always ends up being about what the volunteer receives and less about what they give. They gain experience while coming to understand the struggles of those who live on the opposite spectrum of most lawyers (plus, a small but helpful check from Americorp for student loans). But I agree with the Lawyerist article linked to above that the program will need funding for mentors. Or the young lawyers should be placed in organizations with a solid track record and supervisors who can help (this is how my program worked).

Better than a volunteer program, the National Jurist reports that three schools will pay off your loans if you go into a public interest career.

Finally to end with some fun, Bitter Lawyer compiled a roundup of articles on the really important parts of law school, like law school couples. Of course, Above The Law already broke apart the argument for dating lawyers.

Good luck if you’re starting law school. And if you have law school experience, we’d love to hear from you. Share your best law school tips in the Comments section below.

JD Careers Out There web producer Megan SweasMegan Sweas is a web producer with JD Careers Out There. During a graduate journalism program at University of Southern California, she took a law class for fun. While many of her fellow journalists have made the transition to law, she’ll stick to writing about law careers.



Thinking of leaving the law? The best first step you can take is a good look in the mirror. START HERE:

it's free!
100% Privacy. We never share your information.