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Law Practice

Exploring law jobs? Watch these videos to discover a typical day for the many types of lawyers. Accomplished attorneys from different practice areas share career advice that you don’t get in the law school classroom. Consider these videos Careers In Law 101!

Lawyers: Why You Should Consider Public Defender Jobs

Many law students dismiss public defender jobs because of the low pay, long hours and difficult clients. Even if you feel this way, watch our interview with Travis Williams, as you’ll come away inspired. Travis is one of the public defenders featured in the...

Employment Law Jobs: Defend Employees’ Rights In The Workplace

Employment law jobs come in many shapes and sizes. While our other employment lawyer guest, Mike Maslanka, helps companies manage their workforces, today’s guest Donna Ballman often helps the workers when they feel mismanaged. As an employee-side employment lawyer, Donna says she prefers working...

Career Advice For Lawyers From A Capitol Hill Veteran

Today’s guest, Ken Ballen, is a Capitol Hill veteran. After years working as a federal prosecutor, Ken served as a Congressional investigator in exciting roles working on the Hill – including lead investigator on the Iran-Contra Committee hearings and Chief Counsel to the Speaker...

The Key To Being A Lawyer & Making Partner

In our professional development videos, I ask law firm partners to share their tips for associates on effective workplace communications, business development, and client communication. All of these topics are essential skills to master on your way to making partner. Today, we put it...

Real Estate Law Careers: See Your Work In The Skyline

The recovery of the real estate market is good news for lawyers interested in real estate law careers. With more deals being done, these types of lawyers are in demand again, says our guest Laura McClellan, a real estate law partner in Dallas, Texas....

Criminal Justice Careers – What A Defense Attorney Does

When most people think about the different types of lawyers, they think about criminal defense lawyers thanks to what they see in TV shows and movies. There, we often see criminal defense attorneys grilling witnesses and giving dramatic closing statements. But fictional accounts leave...

Consumer Rights Law – Make A Career Fighting For The Little Guy

A consumer rights attorney tends to represent individuals and handle class actions on issues related to debt collection, credit reports, lemon laws, and consumer fraud. These types of lawyers may focus on things like relieving consumers of debt through settlements and bankruptcies, defending them...

Tax Law Careers – Would You Make A Good Tax Lawyer?

If you’re one of the few lawyers or law students who is not afraid of numbers, check out this video on tax law careers. Tax attorney Richard Horne says being a tax lawyer is always interesting, as it’s one of the types of lawyers...

Law Careers – What Does A Land Use Attorney Do?

Few other law careers intersect with so many types of law as land use law. A land use attorney deals with real estate, environmental and administrative law as well as constitutional law, public policy and politics, in figuring out how land should be used....


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