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Law Practice

Exploring law jobs? Watch these videos to discover a typical day for the many types of lawyers. Accomplished attorneys from different practice areas share career advice that you don’t get in the law school classroom. Consider these videos Careers In Law 101!

Work For Justice – Advocacy Careers For Lawyers

In today’s career video, social justice advocate Abby Leibman of Los Angeles tells us all about advocacy careers and how her law degree and legal skills have played an instrumental role throughout her journey. Abby is a co-founder of the California Women’s Law Center,...

Litigation Careers – Work As A Business Litigation Lawyer

When wondering what to do with a law degree, people often picture themselves in litigation careers like the characters they see in TV and movies. One of these litigation careers would be that of a business litigation lawyer. These types of lawyers handle the...

Legislative Careers – Work On Capitol Hill As A Law Grad

Capitol Hill jobs for lawyers are explained in today’s career video by our guest David Sadkin, who worked for Congress as senior counsel to the US House Government Reform & Oversight Committee. David shares his insights on these legislative careers from his experience working...

What Do Assistant Attorneys General Do?

If you’re wondering what to do with a law degree and are interested in government law jobs, you’ll enjoy today’s video about becoming an assistant attorney general. Our guest, Oregon Assistant Attorney General Heather Weigler, says this path is a great way for young...


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