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How Being Well Rounded In Your Past Can Help Your Future

When exploring law degree jobs, you want to be in touch with your skill sets and strengths in addition to your interests. If you struggle to identify your skills, think back to things you’ve done in your past – whether it’s your first job,...

What Should You Do Before Law School?

With so many voices warning against law school these days, you might be uncertain about whether you should go to law school. How can you know? Lawyer Christina Lee shares some great advice for how to find your path before law school. Watch the...

How To Get Capitol Hill Jobs Before Law School

Before she went on to law school and then the UN Volunteer program, Kim Trinh worked on Capitol Hill for two years. This is a great place for people interested in law school to start their careers. Watch Kim’s video to find out how...

Law School Advice: How to Make the Most Of Your Time

Though it is difficult, stressful and full of never-ending study hours, the experience of law school is one you will never forget. In this video, Joey Jackson shares his law school advice on how to make these three years the best of your life...

Overcoming Bad Law School Grades & Making Partner

So you want to become a partner at a law firm, but you’re anything but a straight A student. My guest Adam Gropper knows how you feel, but in this video he’s going to give you hope — Adam made it to law firm...

What You Need To Know Before Law School

If you’re thinking about going to law school, you’ve probably heard the negative views about law school. Jill Schachner Chanen does not regret going to law school, but the ABA Journal editor says there’s one thing you should know before you go: what you...

How To Make Law School Rankings Not Matter

Many people fret over the law school rankings from U.S. News. Perhaps you’re deciding where to go to law school. Or maybe your school took a nose dive in the rankings. Either way, there are other ways for you to stand out. In this...

Law School Or Work? Advice On When To Go To Law School

If you’re in college, thinking about going to law school, should you apply right now? If you’re working but want to go back to law school, is it too late for you? Intellectual Property Lawyer Michael Kelber explains some of the circumstances in which...


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