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What’s more important than Law School Rank?

While law school rankings may seem like a big deal when you’re in school, your school rank doesn’t matter that much in the long term, says Cathy Kim, a former BigLaw associate who is now a business development executive. Cathy has some great tips...

How To Stand Out Regardless Of Your Law School Rank

As the legal field changes, law students and young lawyers are concerned about their futures regardless of where they went to school. Many JDCOT guests say that your law school rank won’t affect your career in the long term. Still, it might scare you...

Does It Matter Where I Go To Law School?

Perhaps you are applying to law school and are considering your options. Or you’ve been accepted a few places and want to know which law school to go to. You have a lot to consider, especially law school rankings and cost. Today’s guest, Rich...

How Work Before Law School Helped Our Video Guest

Whether to work before law school or go straight from college into a law school program is a common question for people trying to determine when to go to law school. I started law school at the age of 21 right after graduating from...

How To Handle When Your Law School Rank Isn’t Top 20

Especially in a tough economy, it’s not unusual for law school grads to get self-conscious about their law school rank when it isn’t in the Top 20. Today’s guest says you shouldn’t be intimidated one bit about your law school rank. Ben Reznik, a...

Getting Hired By A Big Law Firm

If you’re looking to work in BigLaw, the world’s largest, most successful law firms, you’d better be prepared to commit yourself and work hard. Associates at these firms tend to come from the top of their law school classes and must continue to work...

How Important Are Law School Rankings?

Everyone knows that upon law school graduation, the highest paying law jobs tend to go to the people who graduated at the top of their class from the highest ranking schools. But how important are law school rankings? There are plenty of successful law...


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