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Transferable Skills Can Guide Your Career Change

Have you assessed your transferable skills? The thought of making a career change can be overwhelming, especially for those of us in the legal community who are risk averse. Like today’s guest tells us, determining your transferable skills is key. If you’re struggling with...

Thinking Beyond Law For Your Professional Future?

Are you thinking beyond law for your professional future? Not everyone goes to law school with the goal of practicing law. Many people, including both today’s guest, ethics and compliance officer Kimberly Strong, and I, went to law school thinking beyond law. Others, perhaps...

3 Legal Skills That Transfer Out Of Law

If you’re researching law graduate jobs, you might struggle with figuring out how your law background could transfer out of law. I love helping law grads discover the true value and transferability of their skill sets. Between private career coaching sessions, JDCOT’s videos, my...

Try This For Successful Negotiations

Handling negotiations can be stressful and overwhelming when we’re not used to engaging in the activity. Successful negotiations aren’t about acting tough, playing hide-the-ball or shying away from the other party. Instead, as criminal defense attorney and CNN legal commentator Joey Jackson advises in...

How To Find Success As A Young Lawyer

There’s more to being a young lawyer than learning laws, says litigator Amy Dinn. You also need to figure out how to interact with various people in your law firm. Amy shares what type of “soft skills” you need to develop to be a...

These Lawyer Skills Will Help You Find Work In Any Field

In a tough economy, it’s easy to feel like your law degree is useless, but lawyer-turned-business development executive Cathy Kim tells us that that’s not true. Your lawyer skills are desirable in many alternative careers for lawyers. Watch the video to find out how...

Good Negotiation Strategies For Practicing Lawyers

It’s important for all lawyers, no matter their practice area, to know how to negotiate well, says employment lawyer Donna Ballman. Thankfully, lawyers can be trained to be better negotiators. In this professional development video, Donna talks about the training that she did and...

Trial Tips: How To Convince A Jury

If you’ve seen Gideon’s Army, you know that Travis Williams, one of the public defenders featured in the film, has a presence on camera and in the courtroom. In today’s professional development video, he shares his trial tips with you about convincing a jury...


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