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Do You Thrive In A Crisis? PR Jobs To Do With A Law Degree

PR Executive Nick Gaffney with JDCOT Founder Marc Luber
Public Relations Jobs When spinach causes food poisoning, who is a company going to call? It will call on its legal team and public relations professionals that specialize in litigation and crisis communications. These careers in communications make excellent nonlegal jobs for lawyers, says...

Transferable Skills Can Guide Your Career Change

Marc Newman, Redevelopment Director, Brixmor Property Group
Have you assessed your transferable skills? The thought of making a career change can be overwhelming, especially for those of us in the legal community who are risk averse. Like today’s guest tells us, determining your transferable skills is key. If you’re struggling with...

Why Go On An Informational Interview?

Civil Appellate Lawyer Cindy Tobisman
Whether you’re making a career change, leaving the law, or you’re first starting out as a lawyer, an informational interview can be an amazing tool to advance your career. These interviews are called “informational” because you’re there to find out what somebody does and...

Law Careers – What Does A Land Use Attorney Do?

Land use lawyer Ben Reznik speaks with Marc Luber of JD Careers Out There
A land use attorney deals with many different types of law, including real estate, environmental and administrative law, constitutional law, public policy and politics, and more. There are many types of law jobs and legal projects a land use attorney can take on, including...

Exploring Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers…You’ve Got Options

exploring nonlegal careers
If you’re a lawyer who isn’t happy practicing law, I have good news for you: you’ve got options. You probably hear that all the time: “there’s lots of great nonlegal careers for lawyers”. Yet there’s a good chance you don’t believe it. Maybe you’ve...

Don’t Wait for Recruiters!

Many unhappy lawyers who reach out to me ask if I offer job placement services. This could be because they’re aware of my years spent working as a legal recruiter. Maybe they’re hoping to find recruiters for leaving law. I get it! They might...

What Career Do Lawyers Typically Change To?

After a long hiatus from making videos for YouTube, I recently decided to make one that answers a question I’m asked multiple times a week: “what career do lawyers most often change to?” As you’ll see in the video above, there is definitely more...

Tired of Lawyer Stress and Anxiety? Try This!

So many of the lawyers who contact me say they are tired of lawyer stress and anxiety. They say they have hit their maximum level of stress. Does this sound like you? Lawyers often tell me they are burned out, feeling anxious, unhappy, and...

Feeling Like A Failure

When it dawns on lawyers that practicing law may not be the right career fit, it’s common for a sense of failure to take over their psyche. If you’re feeling like a failure, I promise that you are not alone. I know that because...

Does Leaving Law Mean Not Earning Enough Money?

Leaving law income potential
Are you unhappy practicing law yet feeling frozen in place? Perhaps you fear that you wouldn’t earn enough money if you were to leave law practice? Leaving law does not necessarily mean a major loss in income – and a decrease in pay might...

Lawyers: How Badly Do You Want Meaningful Work?

As lawyers and individuals, we all have a different definition of what “meaningful work” is. Yet, many of you email me that your work feels petty and meaningless. You say it’s combative for the sake of being combative. It doesn’t connect with anything you...
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