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Advice For Women Negotiating In The Legal Industry

Shortly before filming her interview with JDCOT, Martha Pellegrino had coached a friend through a negotiation where she was being recruited to work for a different law firm. The advice she gave her friend is good for all women negotiating their way through the...

Government Relations Jobs – Use Your Legal Skills As A Lobbyist

Are you interested in influencing legislation, regulations and policies in favor of a client? This is what lobbyists and people in government relations jobs do. Whether working on behalf of public or private entities, they work to build and maintain relationships with politicians and...

How Work Before Law School Helped Our Video Guest

Whether to work before law school or go straight from college into a law school program is a common question for people trying to determine when to go to law school. I started law school at the age of 21 right after graduating from...

Networking Tips For Attending Networking Events

When networking for jobs, it’s important to put yourself out there and meet new people. When attending networking events, you’ll want to have an elevator pitch that summarizes your story for people so they can learn about you in a nutshell. Those are just...


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