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Ever been criticized at work? This video will make you feel better

Nobody likes to hear criticism, but law firm partner Matthew DeVries explains why it’s especially hard for young associates to accept constructive criticism from their bosses. Matt has some great advice for how young associates can use criticism to their advantage. There’s also a...

Is Making Partner Your Career Goal? Tips on Finding Clients

If your career goals include making partner, watch Matthew DeVries’ tips in this video. Matt shares practical tips for associates on their way to becoming partner, including how to approach law business development. But even if you’re still in law school and becoming a...

Build A Career In Construction Law – Find Your Niche

Like in real estate law, a construction law practice focuses on tangible projects. Construction lawyers help homes, roads, office buildings, and special projects get built. For example, construction lawyer Matthew DeVries tells us about working on Music City Center, Nashville’s new $585 million convention...

Networking Tips: How To Find A Mentor

Wouldn’t it be great to have somebody helping you develop your career – somebody whose footsteps you would like to follow in, who is willing to listen to your problems and offer advice? Everyone could benefit from having a mentor, Matthew DeVries says, but...


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