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Try This For Successful Negotiations

Handling negotiations can be stressful and overwhelming when we’re not used to engaging in the activity. Successful negotiations aren’t about acting tough, playing hide-the-ball or shying away from the other party. Instead, as criminal defense attorney and CNN legal commentator Joey Jackson advises in...

Advice For Women Negotiating In The Legal Industry

Shortly before filming her interview with JDCOT, Martha Pellegrino had coached a friend through a negotiation where she was being recruited to work for a different law firm. The advice she gave her friend is good for all women negotiating their way through the...

Business Development: How To Close A Sale As A Lawyer

You go to law school to learn about legal principles, not sales techniques. So what do you do when you meet with a potential client? David Orleans shares the negotiation strategies he has learned as a law grad working in commercial insurance alternative jobs...

Good Negotiation Strategies For Practicing Lawyers

It’s important for all lawyers, no matter their practice area, to know how to negotiate well, says employment lawyer Donna Ballman. Thankfully, lawyers can be trained to be better negotiators. In this professional development video, Donna talks about the training that she did and...


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