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Persistence Pays Off When Networking To Find Your Career

Ken Ballen, founder of Terror Free Tomorrow
While networking to find your career or explore a career change, you’ll be reaching out to a variety of people – most often by email. Sometimes silence will be what you get in response to your emails. Rather than drawing conclusions that the person...

A Lawyer’s Guide To Networking For Business

eDiscovery Consultant Chad Schwarz
When you’re an associate, business development can be one of the most challenging requirements of being a lawyer. Chad Schwarz has to find clients as an eDiscovery consultant, too, and he admits that he’s not good at the hard-sell. Luckily, there are other ways...

How To Find A Great Professional Mentor

Ethics & Compliance Officer Kimberly Strong
You’d think that Kimberly Strong, who’s at the top of her field, wouldn’t need a professional mentor anymore. But in this video, she shares how and why she turns to other people for career and job advice. Her thoughts on who can be a...

How To Network For A Job As A Lawyer Or Law Student

Freelance Lawyer Leila Kanani
Are you throwing resume at every job opening you see with no results? You might want to change your approach. Check out the video below to hear freelance lawyer Leila Kanani’s advice on how to network for a job – great stuff for both...

How To Build Your Network & Give Back At The Same Time

Rich Rodriguez of UNO Charter School Network in Chicago
Do you dread networking? If you’re not a fan of schmoozing with strangers, Rich Rodriguez has a better suggestion for you. Check out this video on how to build your network to discover one way to make real connections while giving back to your...

The Right Way And The Wrong Way To Find A Mentor

Employment Attorney Mike Maslanka
As a law student or young law grad, you can get valuable guidance – and even job leads – from an experienced attorney. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach a potential mentor. Use the wrong way, and your requests...

Job Search Tips: Work At A Bar AND Advance Your Career

Association Lobbyist PJ Hoffman
PJ Hoffman spent three months as a bartender in Washington, D.C. on his way to finding a regulatory affairs job. Why? Because in order to advance your career, you need to be where the action is, he says. Another one of our guests, David...

How Shy Lawyers Can Rock Law Firm Business Development

Real Estate Attorney Laura McClellan
It’s inevitable. You have to network to bring in clients at a law firm. Even those of us who aren’t introverted struggle with networking (get more tips here). In this video, law firm partner Laura McClellan presents a fun and effective approach to law...

The Easy Way Lawyers Can Make Networking Connections

Immigration Attorney Christina H. Lee
Christina Lee’s networking tips don’t involve schmoozing, elevator pitches, or those things that so many people dread. Plus, her networking connections have helped her in ways she could have never imagined. Watch her video to find out how networking is easier than you thought.

How To Find A Mentor As A Young Lawyer

Public defender Travis Williams
I always say that law school teaches you to read, write, and think like a lawyer, but it doesn’t teach you how to be a lawyer. You often have to figure that out on the job. As a young public defender, Travis Williams shares...
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