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Are You Building A Professional Network? How To Get Started

You know that networking is an essential part of your career. Strong connections will help you find jobs and clients. But how do you go about building a professional network that will help you achieve your goals? Greg McLaughlin, head of the Tiger Woods...

How To Set Yourself Up For Success As A Woman In Law

Only about 20 percent of law firm partners are women, but as a partner with a strong real estate law practice in Dallas, Laura McClellan says she hasn’t faced any disadvantages as a woman in law. Why not? Watch her professional development video to...

How To Use LinkedIn To Find Law Jobs

Do you put as much time into LinkedIn as you do Facebook? If you’re looking for a job or are serious about advancing your career, you should be, says Chad Schwarz, an eDiscovery consultant. Chad shares networking tips on how to use LinkedIn in...

How To Get Over Your Fears And Start Networking

Networking Tips As a community organizer, Robert Hoo is in the business of bringing people together over common issues. But when it comes to networking, he admits that he can be uncomfortable. Robert has great advice about how to overcome shyness and make connections....

Lawyers: Master The Human Side Of Business Development

How can simply being a good person help your business? Watch this video with employment lawyer Mike Maslanka to find out what he recommends — whether you’re trying to network or develop business. Mike also shares some practical examples of what being a good...


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