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How Being Well Rounded In Your Past Can Help Your Future

When exploring law degree jobs, you want to be in touch with your skill sets and strengths in addition to your interests. If you struggle to identify your skills, think back to things you’ve done in your past – whether it’s your first job,...

The Key To Finding The Right Career As A Law Grad

When PJ Hoffman graduated law school a few years ago, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. In this video, he describes what finding the right career requires. Don’t be surprised if it sounds familiar – he’s essentially describing my 3-step Formula for...

Job Search Tips: Work At A Bar AND Advance Your Career

PJ Hoffman spent three months as a bartender in Washington, D.C. on his way to finding a regulatory affairs job. Why? Because in order to advance your career, you need to be where the action is, he says. Another one of our guests, David...

How To Break The Ice and Nail The Interview

When you go into a job interview, you want to connect with the person on the other side of the table. But how do you do that? In this video, PJ Hoffman tells a story of how he broke the ice at a job...

Regulatory Affairs Jobs For Lawyers Who Want To Be Lobbyists

Are you interested in working in the middle, between government regulators and the businesses they’re regulating? You can do that by working in regulatory affairs jobs, which make for great alternative careers with a law degree. Businesses within the same industry pool together to...

How To Get Political Campaign Jobs Before Or After Law School

Today’s guest, PJ Hoffman, worked in several political campaign jobs prior to graduating law school and becoming an association lobbyist (he recently shared awesome advice with us on these regulatory affairs jobs). Below, PJ shares his tips on doing campaign work. If you’re interested...


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