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Professional Development Tips For Being A Lawyer

Below you’ll find a list of the professional development topics we cover on JD Careers Out There. You’ll hear everything you want to know about being a lawyer on JDCOT – from interviewing and networking, to working with or or becoming a law firm partner, to leaving the law.

To find the advice you need, you can browse all the Professional Development videos. Or we also recommend checking out “Related Advice” at the bottom of every post. Plus you can type in the search box in the top right hand corner of the site.

If you’re new here, JD Careers Out There is the video resource for career advice for lawyers and law students. In our career path videos, I interview accomplished law grads about being a lawyer and alternative careers for lawyers. You’ll discover what to do with a law degree and how to get there, and the professional development videos below will help you excel in your chosen path.

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General Career Advice:

Finding Your Career
Networking Tips
Interviewing Tips
Workplace Communications
Time Management
Work-Life Balance
Handling Stress

Law School Advice:

Law School
When To Go To Law School
School Rank
Bar Exam

Career Change Advice:

Career Change
Leaving Law

Advice On Practicing Law:

Law Firm Life
Big Law
Making Partner
Law Business Development
Client Communication
Social Media
Negotiation Strategies
Trial Tips
Starting Your Own Law Firm

Other Advice:

Keys To Success
Paying Your Dues
Women in Law
Working With Recruiters

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