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Professional Development Videos

Check out these videos for great career advice to help you with interviewing & networking (even for introverts). You’ll also get advice on how to find the right career, communicate at work, and climb the ladder – plus other practical skills and soft skills.

How To Win Friends As A Law Firm Associate

Life After Law Author Liz Brown
As a lawyer, you work with a ton of people. Do you treat them well? Former BigLaw partner Liz Brown shares her advice on how you should interact with assistants, paralegals and other law firm staff as a law firm associate. Find out why...

3 Legal Skills That Transfer Out Of Law

Commercial Real Estate Advisor Josh Gorin
If you’re researching law graduate jobs, you might struggle with figuring out how your law background could transfer out of law. I love helping law grads discover the true value and transferability of their skill sets. Between private career coaching sessions, JDCOT’s videos, my...

Time Management Tips For Lawyers – How To Delegate

Finance attorney Eric Klar
Want to save time at work? Then get other people to help you with your work, says JDCOT guest Eric Klar. In this video, the BigLaw partner shares why delegating is one of the best time management tips for lawyers. Listen in to find...

How Being Well Rounded In Your Past Can Help Your Future

Association Lobbyist PJ Hoffman talks with JDCOT Host Marc Luber
When exploring law degree jobs, you want to be in touch with your skill sets and strengths in addition to your interests. If you struggle to identify your skills, think back to things you’ve done in your past – whether it’s your first job,...

Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Career Search

Civil Appellate Lawyer Cindy Tobisman
Whether you’re making a career change or trying to determine what your first career should be, it can feel like a giant leap to get from where you are now to being settled into something you enjoy. Let me help to break it down...

Finding That Next Career When It’s Time To Leave Law

Litigation Graphics Entrepreneur Morgan C. Smith
When you consider leaving the law, it can take a lot of research and reflection to find your next career. Today’s guest, Morgan Smith, is a former personal injury attorney who struggled with the decision to leave law but ultimately decided that it was...

Try This For Successful Negotiations

Joey Jackson, Criminal Defense Attorney and Legal Commentator
Handling negotiations can be stressful and overwhelming when we’re not used to engaging in the activity. Successful negotiations aren’t about acting tough, playing hide-the-ball or shying away from the other party. Instead, as criminal defense attorney and CNN legal commentator Joey Jackson advises in...

Want To Get Clients Now? Tips From A Rainmaking Law Partner

Land use lawyer Ben Reznik speaks with Marc Luber of JD Careers Out There
Today’s video is jam-packed with advice for those of you wanting to learn ways to get clients now for your law practice. Rainmaker Ben Reznik, a top land use attorney in the Los Angeles area, takes us behind-the-scenes on business development, networking and how...
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