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You Might Be Able To Avoid A Job Or Career Change

Countless lawyers complain about being miserable at work. Through my years of legal recruiting and running JDCOT, I’ve always said that before considering a job change or a career change, you should first look at whether your frustration might stem from a communication issue....

Time Management Tips That Will Impress Your Boss

Many young associates, corporate bankruptcy attorney Scott Gautier says, don’t know how to manage their time efficiently. In this professional development video, Scott offers time management tips that will not only allow you to leave the office earlier, but also impress your bosses and...

Business Law Careers: Bankruptcy Lawyers Rescue Corporations

If you love business as much as you love law, you’ll enjoy hearing from today’s guest, Scott Gautier, a corporate bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles. Many bankruptcy lawyers focus on individuals who find themselves in financial strains. Corporate bankruptcy is a different game. When...

Interviewing Tips: How To Act In A Job Interview

When you are in a job interview, you want to establish a rapport with the person interviewing you. As a law firm partner and a senior associate, Scott Gautier has been on both sides of an interview, and he has some great ideas about...


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