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JD Careers Out There Reviews

As a career coach for lawyers, I’m grateful for the positive feedback I receive from lawyers about working with me and participating in my JD Refugee® coaching programs. I’m equally grateful for the praise this website has received as a resource for career path exploration for lawyers.

ABA Journal Readers Poll 2013 DecemberIn its first year of existence, JD Careers Out There was nominated for the ABA Journal Blawg 100, a compilation of the best law blogs out there.

The very next year, JDCOT was voted the best law career site in the ABA Journal’s reader poll, thanks to the library of video interviews you’ll find here.

Subscriber-members get access to the full-length video interviews, as do those who work with me for coaching.

Below, you’ll find examples of the great feedback from my coaching clients and subscriber-members of the JDCOT career video library:

"I'd recommend Marc’s program to anyone who's struggling with taking action. As a result of the program, I was able to really articulate what I want. I was able to link together my attorney experience to the job I was looking for. And with all the worksheets and written materials that we did together, it helped me be able to sound more confident and actually be more confident on interviews.

They say analysis paralysis. And that was me for two years. I actually worked as an attorney for six years at a small firm, and made a jump to a big firm that I was at for about six months. As an associate, I could see into the future of my colleagues 10 years ahead of me. I didn't like what their lives looked like, what my future would look like.. I actually wanted to enjoy life. And I wanted to do work that mattered and actually made a difference.

Signing up for Marc’s program was a tangible action that I could take. I think to get the most out of the course, you have to be willing to continue with taking bite-sized actions, as Marc's program’s schedule recommends doing. There is definitely work that goes into it. It's not going to come automatically. You’ll get out what you put into it.

After the program, I got hired to do business development for a tech product that helps in-house counsel teams throughout the U.S. I left law in order to enjoy my free time and I'm actually looking to help others with their efficiency at work so that they can enjoy their free time too."

- Nicki N.From BigLaw in real estate to legal tech business development in NJ

"I would definitely recommend Marc’s program to anyone even considering getting out of law and also to those who are dissatisfied with their current legal job but who may want to stay in the law. This is the program I should have taken even before law school so I could have gone into my professional life with more mindfulness of what path makes the most sense to me.

By taking the program, I was able to take all the scattered thoughts and fears I have had about changing careers and start to make sense of - and move past - them. I began to understand why I was dissatisfied with my current job (and several before that) and why I might not like being a lawyer. I started seeing how things I've learned in my current and previous jobs could translate perfectly into new, exciting non-legal careers. I also began to understand how and why I could be attractive to new employers. Once I started discovering all of this, my search felt more positive and exciting than fearful.

One of the things I liked most about Marc's program was that it forced me to answer questions and be thoughtful about my career search. I actually did the serious work to look in the mirror and examine what would make the best fit for me.

I had been thinking for way too long about moving on from my job but life kept getting in the way. So, I just kept persevering at my job for years - not at all satisfied - but getting by and just enduring so I could be happy in my personal life.

On a complete impulse, I decided to no longer put things off anymore. I didn't want to just quit my job and force myself to move on - having a wife and children doesn't allow that level of spontaneity. So I signed up and threw myself completely into the process. I am so glad that I did.

If you are contemplating a job or career change and are stuck in neutral on that road, take this course!"

- Matt P.Transitioning Chicago Attorney

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"In the time that I worked with Marc, it was clear that he really cared about his clients. In each session, he took copious notes on our discussion and referred back to them to highlight themes that I never noticed. He’s truly attentive, empathetic, and very professional. Not only that but his program delivered the type of focused self-reflection that I needed. Instead of me just sitting with my own thoughts pondering what kind of job would make me happy, Marc’s 1:1 coaching program invited me to complete self-assessments and to ask intuitive questions about my career interests. We also broached difficult topics, such as what led me to law school and internal and external pressures that I struggled with.

Moreover, while researching different career options, Marc helped me differentiate between opportunities that matched my interests and jobs that seemed attractive but would likely leave me feeling unfulfilled long-term. However, what most surprised me about Marc’s program was the fact that in the very first session, I went from feeling hopeless and unqualified to being confident, knowing that I had the right skills for any job. Our sessions were a far more effective use of my time than conversations I had with friends, former colleagues, or family.

During our time together, I managed to get a job as an Attorney Advisor at a federal agency. Based on all the self-reflection I completed with Marc, I determined that this job was the perfect fit for me, and I haven’t been happier. In addition, Marc and I explored two other viable job paths outside of the law, which I am still actively researching and considering for the long-term.

I’d happily recommend Marc to any lawyer who is unhappy with their current situation and is tired of endlessly applying to jobs without any direction. I truly feel that working with Marc was a valuable investment in my career and long-term happiness.

- KumarWashington, D.C. Attorney


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