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Time Management Tips For Lawyers – How To Delegate

Want to save time at work? Then get other people to help you with your work, says JDCOT guest Eric Klar. In this video, the BigLaw partner shares why delegating is one of the best time management tips for lawyers. Listen in to find...

Not Enough Time? How To Manage Your Time Like The Best

At a law firm, you will may always feel like there’s not enough time to finish your work. Watch this video for some practical time management tips from lawyer Adam Gropper. Adam also suggests you turn to the experts, but check out his advice...

How An Overworked Public Defender Manages His Time

In Gideon’s Promise, a documentary about being a public defender, you see Travis Williams at his office working late into the night. While public defender jobs are particularly demanding, all lawyers can expect to put in long hours. In this video, find out how...

Time Management Tips That Will Impress Your Boss

Many young associates, corporate bankruptcy attorney Scott Gautier says, don’t know how to manage their time efficiently. In this professional development video, Scott offers time management tips that will not only allow you to leave the office earlier, but also impress your bosses and...

Using Technology For Time Management

Whether you choose to practice law or pursue one of the many other careers for lawyers, the odds are that you’ll have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Time management is key. Add that whole trying to have a life thing in to the...


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